it's not actually monosyllabic per se but you kinda get the idea.

i call this the he-sms syndrome.

you see, a friend of mine once commented to me.

"why do you always answer my sms in as little word as possible? always yes, no, ok, wait, later, now, dunno..."

i say "i thought you asked something and wanted to know the answer. what's else to say?"

another friend commented "yeah, i always send sms to my bf also. i try to use up as much space as possible and squeeze it all out and he goes and sms me ok, yes, dunno, no... you know, monosyllabic words."


it got me thinking. i guess it's true for me and a couple of my friends. why write longer when you can write shorter?

does this effect only show in sms-es or also during conversations? do girls who like to talk tend to sms with a lot of words?

how about men who talk a lot? do they send sms-es as short as possible or as long as possible?

i mean, i take pride in making my sms as short as possible but maybe girls don't want that..

they want long mother fucking texts.... which will fuck up your brain and fry the heart.

i dunno... maybe i'll do a research soon.

how about you? feeling the same problem with your gf or bf?
April 4, 2006


Yvonne Foong said…
Yes i do realize guys tend to talk less even in real and online, not just sms. HE always say, "action speak louder than words".

Well, if u have trouble finding a girl, make sure u start training your vocals now.


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