.gene pollution.

i wonder why people can be such dinghead morons sometimes. i mean, look at the world's population. it is ever increasing. and without any quality control, we're bound to get idiots who will pollute the genetic pool.

the other day i was at the post office trying to settle some of my bills when this idiot who didn't bother to stand in line rushed in. he then proceeded to ask the girl in the counter whether he can get his package without his IC. the girl said no and bla bla bla. a couple minutes later, the guy asked something and the girl replied "go behind Petronas"

the guy asked "what is Petronas?"

i was about to bitch slap the mother fucker but thankfully the girl's sound of astonishment amused me..

"Petronas lu pun tak tau kah?"

i told him in Mandarin "the petrol station in front there"

he said "ohhh..." and went out.

what an idiot, "Petronas pun tak tau." i told the counter girl.

the girl shook her head in frustration and with some despair in humanity.

i began to understand her frustration. she must've been bugged with idiots like this all the time.

as i look at the girl, i remember my ex-roommate who told me he has 5 gigabyte of memory in his computer.

i take one look at his lousy computer and i said "you mean hard disk space. it's different you know?"

he snapped back "no lar, i know what is hdd and memory lar. last time i got more than 10gb of memory wan. now after install all these programs, my memory become small and slow. left 5 gig only."

i was lazy to explain it to him, so i said "ohhh" and walked away.

you see, people like this who can't accept criticisms or opinions and are beyond stupidity should be shot and killed so that our human generation can live on. what if their stupidity could not outwit their desire to reproduce? then we'll get more mini-idiots who can't even think straight.

our children will be full of bullshit.

really, just save us from mankind.
April 25, 2006


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