.busy as a bee.

you know, don't mind me. i know i've been out of blogging for the couple of days. truth be told, i dun feel like blogging today too. why?

cause it's near the end now. and i've got lots of things to do. i've got my PSM hardbound to pass up, my furniture to pack, my things to pack up, my accounts here (including streamyx) to close down. i have no idea what to do with my water cooling system for my AMD.

anyone interested in getting their pc a souped up cooling system for a minimum price of RM250? call me.

it will include a waterblock for both GPU and CPU, a Black Ice Xtreme II Radiator and tubings necessary. if the tubings are too old or too diluted for your liking, just get one that fits from your nearest fish / pet shop.

i can throw in the water pump if you want too. the cpu and GPU alone costs more than RM200. and the BIX II radiator also costs more than RM200.

bah.. whatever, but if you really are interested, please make sure you know what you're doing to your PC before installing. i will not be held responsible if any water soaks into your computer. god knows how fucked up that will be.

electronic + water = fucked up.

so, i guess life is still damn dull here. i've got loads of things to do and truthfully, with finals... i can't be bothered to post up nice souped up pictures of life relating messages. maybe that's also due to the fact that i'm using a lousy handphone with lousy camera capabilities. once i upgrade my handphone, maybe i'll post more pictures up here.

till then, sayonara.
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April 19, 2006


Reta said…
eh moving back to hometown?


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