.oil no cheap.

i walk throught the revolving door and watch as it close behind me.

I put my hand into my pocket desperately searching for some change.

before i manage to pick up the amount needed, the bus startled forward. I was pushed back. I held on to the railing, tight.

Then, I found out i have not enough change. The price to my destination costs 1.80. I have only 2 bucks.

He says there's no change. So, i figured, what the heck.

I put my money in and find a spot.

I sit down beside this guy. He seems foreign.

I kept quiet along the way.

He starts to touch my leg. I jolted forward and tried to ignore the first time thinking it was an accident.

But then, I felt the second stroke.

WTF? Did he watch too much brokeback mountain?

I turn to him and gave him a stern look, it's a back off look.

At the same time I started looking for other places to sit but since the petrol increase, the people in the buses are crowded. 4.4 billion for public transportation my ass.

I got down at the next exit and the fella beside me followed.

I got scared and walked faster trying to alternate my speed and watching whether he's following.

True enough, he is following.

I reached the front gate of my house and fumbled for the key. He's coming very fast towards me.

I got scared and shouted for someone inside the house to open the door.

He's just ten steps away from me...

Nine, Eight, Seven....

"Creak......", dad opens the door.

He was startled and stopped for a while. Then he passed me.

I went in and locked the door.

I told dad my and asked him to buy me a car.

He says "Son, petrol naik 30 sen. Najib says must adapt."

I turned around and say "My ka chng also must adapt hiar?"

<---------------------- // ---------------------------->

i thought Najib was preposterous. Shahidan is even worse.
KANGAR: Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim has called on civil servants in Perlis to cycle to work following the fuel price increase.
CCB, you think civil servant very free wan to cycle hiar? and then got no sun hiar? wan to buy sunblock also more expensive ady lar. CCB.

And then you wan us to cycle to work? CAN! no problem.

You sell your fucking government car and go buy a fucking bicycle first.

fuck the chee bye politicians, know how to say this and that.

The last time i went to a cinema, the fucking dato and his fucking wife has to hog one whole elevator while the rest of us wait for his fucking idiotic ass to go down. His invisible ass damn big, can take up the whole elevator. Chee bye!

dato, yb and whatever shit politician, if you want us to trust what you say.... get down from your car and take the public transportation for one week. Then you tell us how it feels.

CB, everything good good, suddenly wan to screw us and take our money go to build public transportation for no reason.

MAS is public transportation ar?

Partly because of that, Joe Public began to suspect the RM4.4 billion saved on subsidy may be used for MAS bailout. The people, rationality clouded by anger, just need to do some simple calculations and doubts enveloped their mind.

Subsidy saved: RM4.4b; MAS turnaround: RM4b

March 4, 2006


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