.a bisexual or homosexual?

have you all ever heard of "mungkin nanti" by peterpan? i've just gotten addicted to it a few days ago. well, maybe a couple of weeks ago but yeah, you get what i mean. anyway, this addiction usually occurs and only for a short period of time. before this, i think i was addicted to james blunt's "beautiful".

i've just passed up my thesis this afternoon. well to be exact it's yesterday afternoon cause it's 12.41 now. i don't know but the feeling of freedom hasn't really subside in yet. maybe it's because i still have the presentation next week. i mean, i have a fucking presentation in a couple of days. and to think that i could've gotten some time off from all the dark eye rings, sleepless nights and fucking lunatic minds of the previous days.

it's so stressed up it makes stressed up look not so stressed up.

anyway, the reason i blog today. yeah, brokeback mountain. it really screws up your life. i mean, mine was minor. (it was a shocking revelation seeing heath rub saliva up jake's ass and ride it like a dog.. but then again, which movie is perfect without a sex scene?)

i had a friend today who told me that he was confused after watching brokeback mountain. it was only the first disc and he's already confused. imagine him watching the next 1 hour...

he told me he could really relate to the story. i mean, i was shocked by this discovery but i guess it was coming anyway. he was a bit feminine but not voice. just like, there's something wrong with him but i can't really pin point it.

anyway, i guess he's going through a confusing state. i wanted to slap him and smack his balls. but i managed to stop myself cause i mean, he is my friend. any other person? he's dead.

he said he has a tendency to want to look at other male species. if they are considered handsome for him, he says sometimes he would love to see them naked. (now this part was shocking)

and then i asked him what he would do if a girl touched him and gave him all the right signals, would he go for her?

he said yes.

and change the girl part with a handsome guy...

he said yes.

another revelation... he's not homo, he's bisexual.

and then he said he has no interest in sex, even after watching porn. i said why? he said, he doesn't know. he says most probably it's because given a situation like that, he wouldn't even know what to do.

i told him, it comes naturally, like an animal hopping on to a bitch and riding it like a beast. he just haven't had the opportunity yet.

but he said, he'd know what to do with a guy. he has only one hole.

this is the part where i go WTF?

anyway, to cut to the chase, he says he's curious and wants to try these stuffs. (here's the part where i know it's getting bad...)

so i gave him a situation. a thought of situation.

"what if Kenny (not real name) was interested in you and hit on you. would you consider him?"

he tried to avoid the question but i pushed on...

he said "yes, he would."

i guess sometimes, "curiousity kills the cat".
March 17, 2006


Cheng Sim said…
weee. im a peter pan fan too!

then again, i think it would be better if ur friend actually 'experienced' it and make judgements later. true, he's a bisexual by stereotype.
Arth Akal said…
Your friend need to find his true self....His way....
Anonymous said…
i luv dat song~!
Jimmy Ang said…
cheng sim : yeah, i asked him to experience it first.... but just experiencing it in itself is... a little disgusting.

arth : what is his way? nvm... i dun wan to know.

et : i know, i think i saw a video of it in your blog. ;P

Derek said…
Hey Jimmy.

I assume your friend is about your age. I would suggest he doesn't think too much about it and go with what feels right to him, guy or gal.

Just have to make sure no one gets hurt in the process.



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