.whazzup DAWGS.

i took some pictures of the dogs terrorizing my neighbourhood and hope to shed some light on how these bitches and SOBs look like.

<-- begin -->

in the middle of a lonely night. with the moon so beautiful and round. Kanne the dog decided to do something with his life. he was lonely and he was desperately in need of some fucking sex!

he wanted to hump the lorry behind him. JHT 9852, but he decided not to. that's because his dick is too small and the ekzos is too big for his dick. he wants to lick the hole and imagine it was a bitch's vagina but it tasted too oily. yucks!

he tried sniffing an innocent passerby with his camera but it smelled too metally. besides, the camera has no hole too. and the innocent passerby is bald all over his body. yucks!

he needs someone with his bushy butt and easily penetrable vagina. and he wants to do it doggy style!
he never does it any other style besides the DOGGY STYLE! for him, the doggy style is the rawking position in the KAMASUTRA! no other position can give him so much pleasure!

he searched high and low.

front and back.

to the moon and back!

finally, he caught a glimpse of her. with her silky long black hairy furs.

he sniffs her out.

puts on his best performance to woo her!

but she didn't care. she snubs him off. she just turned the other way around.

he tried again and failed again!

finally, some reaction from her. can he succeed?
after she turns her face to the camera, he can finally see her through the flash of light.

and he jumped in surprise.
that fucking bitch is a HE!

<-- end -->
February 15, 2006


Anonymous said…
Oooo those dogs are cute!
Jimmy Ang said…
they're a freaking menace to society... how in the blue hell could they be cute?
Anonymous said…
check out those blue eyes and fur as smooth as silk...i think they're simply adorable.
Anonymous said…
cuteee!! haha here doggy doggyyy...
Anonymous said…
why kill this dog ? they are so cute :D

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