.weird event.

i think to myself "hmmm.. today it's different"

i couldn't help but to start pondering on my eating habits these few days.

Did I turn into a vegetarian?
Did I took a lot of coloring?
Did I ate a lot of spinach?

What's the main difference that sets it apart from every other day in my life?
Is it the combination...?

I sat there for quite some time, leaving the little critter down there, under me.

I would be lying if i said i wasn't piss scared. There's something wrong. There has to be.

If there wasn't anything wrong, I'd most probably be an alien. Which is cool cause i was thinking more along the lines of Superman alien kindamapowers.

I thought of taking a picture as a reference or at least as a remembrance. But i think i'd have no life left and i'd be extra weird to do that.

I sat there for a long time... looking down.

it's swimming in the pool.

it's green.

and it's my shit (literally).

but take consolation in the fact that the shit after that turned out ok.

you never notice the simple things in life huh?
February 9, 2006


Jason Lioh said…
LOL. Luckily you are fine, no more greeny. :D
Anonymous said…
lol...maybe you need more meat... =)
Jimmy Ang said…
jason : yes, i was piss scared.

hsin : gross? it's my baby that's green.

boringest : maybe but i doubt it.


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