.toilet bang.

a couple of days ago, i was awokened by a loud bang and a clear shriek.

i rushed out of the room, thinking something big and serious has happened.

i was right.

it happened just outside the room, in the toilet!

KNNBCCB. I got syiok.. i mean shock.

The sink fell down. Literally. The wash basin.

Someone slipped and hoped to grab on to something and stop the fall. mana tau, both also fell down.

what's left of the old one.

a closer look.

water squirting out from the connecting hose...

the two metal bars that used to hold the basin


daily dose
February 15, 2006


Wingz said…
pwah !!! ganasnye !!!
Papi said…
what the guy/gal doing inside the toilet lar? LOL!!
Cheng Sim said…
wow. how can that happen?
Admin said…
ta ma de, somebody doing something in the loo..
Dragon City said…
hard to said...no one know what she do in there...
Anonymous said…
hello!!! i'm the GIRL who SLIPPED, i did NOT do anything like MASTURBATE...
Stupid sink with metal bars too short to support the heavy sink that can't even take the impact of my fall... CEHHH!!!
Jimmy Ang said…
anonymous : if you didn't do anything wrong. Why didn't you use your blogger ID?

haha! punked!


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