.tammy, wonderbar and breitling.

Tammy NYP sex scandal was in the newspaper yesterday. Julian got a glimpse of it.

he showed me the article yesterday and we were talking about it.

i said it's like the DPS scandal all over again. only the DPS was much better.

Julian said "what the fuck was these people thinking?"

i say "must be some idiots who have no common sense."

"snapping porn on the go is not a good way to publicize yourself. go for the videocam version ala Paris."

then Marvin said "police can check our handphones for porn nowadays you know?"

"really?" i said.


although i can say for sure that they are a pitiful couple. but i can't really help them much in the IQ department. whoever saved their own escapades on the hp is dumb, stupid, and a moron.

we talked on and on and on. about porn and the girl. it turns out to be a debate whether she's pitiful or she deserved it. Victim or bimbo.

and then... as we were about to leave the place..

one of them (i can't reveal their name...) said..

"go find the video and tell me where to download har..."


btw, did i mention that i went to sg on saturday. my friend was going for a meeting with one of the Wonderbar distributors and needed some help in directions.

Wonderbar is a product of germany. It's a premixed alcoholic cocktail. There are also non-alcoholic versions but i doubt they really will bank in on that.

and then we went to Orchard and saw the breitling watch exhibition.

i went in and there was this VIP section. i thought it was open for public so we wanted to go in but the person in charge said they only cater to people who wears a breitling watch.

hmmph... what a spoiler.

and no camera taking permissible thus no pics for you guys.

a couple of days back, me and my friends went to danga bay. and guess what.. we saw the breitling for sale. each one costs less than a hundred! hahaha! should've just bought one and went into the booth. and then shout "IN YOUR FACE breitling mofos!"

nah, i'm not that vengeful but this really shows how bad piracy is..

okay, i think i need to get back to my PSM.

maybe before that i COULD find that fucking video first.
daily dose
February 22, 2006


n305er said…
*Cough* If you can find those vids... Remember me okay? :-D
Anonymous said…

i actually read it as wonderbRA...

n305er said…
RB, are you obsesed about Bra or something lately? :P
mob1900 said…
Got the movie on Monday,
My ratings:
The Guy: 9/10 (high marks becoz he's ugly as f**k but still manage to tap a NYP cheerleader)

Tammy: 3/10. not very good 'head'... and all she did was open-up wide... eesh =P

Singapore, Soong-bor?
Jimmy Ang said…
n3o5er : urm... get it from mob.

reallybites : yeah, they said the name was catchy cause it really sounds like wonderbra.

mob : makanne, you watch soo many porn movie until can give ratings ady har!
Anonymous said…
wonderbar's actually sounds like the german word which means wonderful!

probably they mean that rather than the bra...lol
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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