.keeping mum.

today's just another day working with the kids.

as usual after class i went down. i headed back to my car. but i stopped by a while to take a sip of the fresh air.

it's sunny but it's not hot. just the way i like it.

my student, Kenny heads to his car.

his mom asks him "is this your teacher?"

he says yes.

she approached me.

"Hie, you must be Kenny's mom. How are you?" I quipped.

"Sorry to disturb you" she said.

"However, !@#$#%#$%"

no, it's not foul words. It's some chinese mumbo shit.

I look at her expression. She doesn't seem to be angry but she seems serious.

Hmm... I heard her talking a few stuffs about the fees. It's not really my department.

I remembered the clerk upstairs telling me about this student's mom complaining about the sudden increase in her son's fees.

it seems that the kid enrolled in a level 1-3 package which costs significantly lower than the 4-5 level package.

But i wanted him in the 4-5 package cause he's freaking in form 4. thus the Form 4 to 5?I mean, the questions and test format would be different.

The admin agrees since he sees no problem with increasing the kid's level. but little did he know the problems coming up.

"!@#$^$&%^" she is still mumbling. I try to nod when i see an opportunity. Reassuring her that i understood. but in fact, i have no idea what the shit is coming out from her mouth.

However, I still need to give confirmation. She was blasting her mouth off like no tomorrow. I try not to look too confused.

"Hmmm, yes. I understand." I said.

After a while, she seems contented. And she said thanks and bye. After that she heads back to her car.

I said "Bye bye." and I smiled.

I think to myself.
"It's really a beautiful day."

I reversed my car and head back to my cozy house with a clear mind. I thank god for non-verbal communication.

Another battle won today without any human sacrifice.

for jimmy. 0 for terrorists.
February 12, 2006


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