.where's Port Dickson?

i've been dealing with the money symbol constantly. yes, this "$" symbol. but i ain't getting richer or poorer. except in terms of knowledge.

some of you might know and the rest might not...

$ can also be used to store variables in the php coding aspect. i can't explain more as i'm only a novice but i can sure as hell say this..

i love and hate php at the same time.

so, today was just like any other day in Johor.

except before i went to class, i bumped into my two dear friends.

let's call them alicia and julie.

anywa, julie comes from Malacca.

how can i remember that?

well, my brain kind of has a connection system. when i think of Malacca, i can connect it to numerous stuffs and ordeals or places. like my visit to Malacca with my family, or A Famosa, MMU, Yee Hui who studies in MMU...

that's how my brain works, connections.

but, Alicia comes from Negri Sembilan.

Such a small place.

She told me, i think numerous times.

guess what, i still couldn't remember.


cause i couldn't connect it to anything.

and i also..
never knew Port Dickson was in Negri Sembilan.
daily dose
January 18, 2006


Admin said…
hahahaha!!!! coming from PD, i take that as an insult. It is suppose to be an international tourist destination. how come somemore got people living in malaysia and yet dunno where PD is?
Anonymous said…
DOHHHH JIMMY! I feel for ah pek coz most of the west Malaysians donno where's Kuching!
Jimmy Ang said…
ah pek : kekeke! i knew it was near KL cause everytime i pass the highway i will notice PD. but the problem is.. PD = NS never occured my mind. sorry.


aileen : Kucing? What Kucing?

Anonymous said…
"A"licia and Ju"lie"? Nice pseudonyms u have there! LOL


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