.rebelling against the gahmen.

nicked this off from suanie.

Four students have filed a suit against the Government over its policy to teach Science and Mathematics in English.

The students – Mohammad Syawwaal Mohammad Nizar, Mohammad Fadzil Nor Mohd Rosni, Nur Najihah Muhaimin and Syazaira Arham Yahya Ariff – are seeking to declare two circulars on the execution of the policy dated Nov 27, 2002, unconstitutional, null and void, and of no effect. [via]

this is what i call a bunch of bullshit.

for god's sake. WTF is wrong with learning Science and Mathematics in English. Science and Maths are universal and in order to understand the new concepts we need to really grasp the concept the way it was coined.

i mean, i've heard a bunch of lousy translations from English to BM.

for example, let's see.

joystick = kayu ria.

WTF is kayu ria? sounds like happy stick. and you know what happy stick reminds me of?

it reminds me of dicks on cannabis. on drugs. yes, I'm perverted but don't tell me you don't find the word kayu ria a little absurd and dumb.

hardware = cakera keras.

whenever i hear cakera keras, i get a hard on.

well, i'm lying but it does sound like a hard on. heck, i think i can make "cakera keras = hard on".

"dia menyentuh tubuh wanita it. dengan lemah lembut wanita itu tensengih. dia terasa cakeranya keras. nampaknya dia sudah bersedia untuk proses persetubuhan."

see, makes perfect sense.

software = cakera lembut

basically i think this means a limped dick.

"itu bukan anaknya. isterinya memang mencari lelaki lain. dia tidak mungkin dapat melakukannya kerana dia ada cakera lembut. nampaknya, isteri dia sedang merindui sebatang cakera keras."

keyboard = papan jejari.

i nicked this off from some Malay multimedia book.

now that, we know some words do sound odd just in the computer and IT segment. imagine how it would sound if we translate everything to BM.

remember buret? i have a hard time not laughing whenever me and my mates were taking out that apparatus.

i mean, i do respect our national language but there are some things that are not suitable to be translated especially if the term was coined in a foreign language which suits a foreign culture.

all in all, why make such a big fuss out of a simple education policy which was meant for your own goodness. a language is just a medium of communication. if you're that BAD in it and can't understand a word the teacher is talking about.

come to find me. i give you English tuition lar. i kira you cheap cheap only.

and to top it all off, they're suing the government? that's a big side to sue. and you four person are just that.. four persons.

jia lat lor. is this bravery and standing up for your belief or is this greediness coupled with stupidity?
January 21, 2006


Anonymous said…
It's plain stupidity and ignorance. those boys dunno what they're getting themselves into...
Anonymous said…
it's plain GREED
Anonymous said…
"Katak di bawa tempurung" or they still want to live under the coconut hut.

Mean while they should stick to their Kotek.
Anonymous said…
OMG OMG...WAD KINDA BULLSHIT?! really katak bawah tempurung lar...haha come on lahh if they can't learn english then they might as well dun go to school! :P wad an insult.imagine learning programming in malay..o_O seksa betul.
Jimmy Ang said…
leona : agreed

lim : agreed

aileen : agreed

yothemans : agreed

et : agreed

man, this is getting redundant.


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