it's raining....


and i'm contemplating cowering under my blanket with a cup of hot milo. cause god knows its hot.

besides, there's no class today. which makes it all easier to sleep the day over and hope that tomorrow won't be as cold as today.

but life isn't as easy or as wonderful as this. i've got tons of work and tons of things to do. besides, life's so short and beautiful, why waste it away idling?

but i aint bathing today. not without any hot water.

it's been raining a lot these couple of days hasn't it.

i wanted to sit down and watch tv but i guess i can do better than that.

somehow, whe it's raining i hate the cold. when it's not raining, i hate the hot blazing sun.

i love the weather in between, you know, the part where it's going to rain or just finished raining.

the weather is best when it's after a rain and the sky is starting to turn blue.

which led me to wonder, does all good and wonderful things come exactly right after a great problem?
daily dose
January 11, 2006


Cheng Sim said…
i heard that guys who loved the rain are poetic people.
then again, i love Rain (korean actor!)
akmj said…
wah, jimmy so 'poetic'...
have a nice semester ahead!!!
Jimmy Ang said…
and here i was, thinking this post was a nonsense rant...
Anonymous said…
yeee...not bathing? haha go boil water lar...lol looks like it's gonna rain all week..
Jimmy Ang said…
boiling water is now a daily routine... sucks


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