.Moonlight in Tokyo - a review.

Intellectually impaired he might be, JUN (Leon Lai) is only dumb but not silly. Abandoned by his family on a trip to Tokyo with only a few notes in his pocket, he thinks he has found his guardian angel when he bumps into a former classmate, HOI (Chapman To). But Hoi is no angel at all. He is just a grifter on the run from yakuza loan sharks.When YAN (Yang Kuei-mei), the owner of an escort service, is convinced the ingenuous Jun will make a perfect gigolo, Hoi decides to transform his pal into Tokyo’s most sought-after Lothario in order to eke out a living and to pay his debts. Together the odd couple thus embark on a hilarious adventure, or misadventure so to speak, worming their way into the hearts of desperate housewives and office ladies in Japan.
you could not blame me for not loving this movie. i mean, it has Leon Lai acting as a retard. as if all those Singaporean 8tv retard movies are not enough, here it is again.

while this movie tries to be artistic and meaningful, it provided neither for me.

some heart rendering moments and perhaps could utilize a better plot, it has potential. but i fail to see it deliver both emotionally or cinematographically.

i regret not watching 3rd Generation.
January 11, 2006


Edmund Yeo said…
Look at the bright side, 3rd Generation MIGHT be worse.
Jimmy Ang said…
at least it wont be retarded.
Christinesy said…
As a matter of fact, 3rd Generation is seriously MUCH WORSE than Moonlight in Tokyo..

It's retarded anyway!! Amber Chia is, in that movie. I got goosebumps all over watching her. Ggrrr..

It's definitely not worth the RM 10 I paid. Fucking stupid movie.. Maybe too artistic for me to understand..


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