.memoirs of a geisha.

i went to the city square for some shopping. then i went to the cinema to see what's out.

then i saw MOG (memoirs of a geisha) at 10. grabbed the tickets and continued shopping.

i din buy anything but my friend did. anyway, headed back up to watch memoirs of a geisha after aalmost all the shops closed.

the movie starts off with the circumstances that arose which forces little Chiyo (Suzuka Ohgo) to be sold into a life of a geisha. like any typical tragedy, it happens. kinda reminds me like being sold to prostitution cause their parents didn't actually die. their parents SOLD them off.

then during her voyage to a geisha, she actually meets a lot of hurdle and here we are introduced to women's jealousy. a bitter and tragic thing, if not treacherous. the bitter lost love woman was portrayed by Gong Li which was good!

in the end, the movie focuses on love. i must say, it was a disturbing image to see little chiyo at 13 or 12 falling in love with an old man. (imagine an adult version of ken watanabe with a small girl...) yucks.

however, kudos to the acting crew for a wonderful performance. some of the actresses i like were Gong Li, Suzuka Ohgo (young Chiyo) and zhang zhiyi.

Michelle Yeoh pulled it off but i think she was overshadowed by zhang zhiyi.

overall, i think zhang zhiyi managed to pull it off with a wonderful performance. it's a must see if you love japanese culture.

however, i think the only part i din understand was the dancing part during sayuri's mizuage (virgin bidding or giveaway) performance. i can't seem to understand that particular aesthetic part.

out of 10, i'd give it a solid 7. and for zhiyi, i'd give her a solid 9.

such beauty in her eyes. really.
January 19, 2006


Anonymous said…
eh? wah. I just post a shoutout to u. C c got this new post d. Oklah, confirm watch tomoro. How come they dun play Pride n Prejudice in JB?!?
Jimmy Ang said…
cause JB sucks. haha

maybe later la.
Acrix said…
The movie is not a true depiction of geisha culture in some way like their face makeup and hairstyle. If u have read the novel, maybe u won;t like the movie that much i supposed :)
Wingz said…
oi oi i also got review this movie laaaa check it out at my blog!!!
Reta said…
her eyes damn fake wei..

but her acting was good. although i prefer the little chiyo to her lol
Jimmy Ang said…
acrix : usually a movie representation is not as good as the book.

wingz: mahai, pimp your blog here. haha. but i read your one. mine better! hehe!

cyber-red : her eyes are fake but i'd die for it. really. yes, i like little chiyo too. soo cute and acting was superb.
Anonymous said…
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Jimmy Ang said…
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