.jimmy eats steamboat in the ARK.

orry for the delay. i know i promised but shit hapens.

it's 17 bucks per person for all you can eat. however, leftovers will be penalized and bla bla bla.

you know, the usual.

anyway, the place is in Tmn. Molek. after Jusco Tebrau from JB/KL highway.

i can't draw a leet map like KY cause I just went there once.

anyway, it's basically the same as any other place so, i'll just let the pictures do the talking.

p/s : i ate a lot of mantis shrimp and salty veggies cause some idiot took them and buat dunno and refuse to eat them. so, i wallop all lar.

the next day?

stomach bo song and diarrhea.

chau chee bye the idiot!

January 19, 2006


KY said…
yes, my maps are the bests. *bow*


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