.i ain't no god.

i know, i know, i said i wasn't going to post but hey, i have free time to pollute the net with whatever nonsense i can ramble about.

today, as usual, i'm gonna ramble about how busy and poor i am. you know, the usual.

but i was thinking, if i am considered busy... then wtf is god's daily schedule like?

i mean, with thousands of people praying to him every single day. i don't mean thousands, pardon my sillyness, i mean millions.

i'm sure we all have asked god for something before. something as small as..

let my son pass the driving test. or i hope she'll notice me when i walk past her room today. maybe something like, i hope dad buys some ice-cream on his way home.

god has the power to listen to millions of wishes a single day and process through them. maybe filter out the bad ones or irrelevant wishes so that he can finally select those worthy of granting.

doesn't god have a big plan? you know, everytime shit happens to you. you start to mumble that this is all part of god's big plan?

why bother praying then? do you think god will abandon his freaking plan which involves thousands of light years ahead and millions of people in this world just so that your son can pass the driving test or she'll notice you or maybe dad'll buy ice-cream.

are you dumb?

even if it's life and death, do you think HE's gonna throw every single life on this world which he has already laid out the plans for, just so that you can live a few years more.

do you really think that?

you naive little arrogant son of a bitch?

bah, i think i'm getting out of topic.

anyway, remember how i was whining and complaining like a spoiled brat about my problems, my life, my insecurities when god has so much more duties and never for once did he whine?

who the fuck do you think created tsunamis and why did you think landslides happen, lightning strikes, people drown. call it misfortune. call it unlucky. in fact call it the devil's hand.

call it whatever you want but...

i call it "god on PMS."

no kidding. you think he had a reason to wipe the whole island because everyone there sinned? were there like a big sacrifice ceremony that didn't satisfy HIM? no... he wiped them all out cause he wasn't feeling very nice. he decided, oh fuck... i'm fed up of this job. let's kill a couple hundred of thousand people.

i mean, he must be thinking the world's overpopulated anyway.

but then he regrets it. he wouldn't be god if he didn't

so he creates castles and gave them bundles of cash. maybe some servants. i don't know... maybe he gave them 100,000 orgasm tablets. you now, kinda like a flu pill except it doesn't cure anything except boredom.

oh, where was i? yeah, god with powers.

i mean, i was imagining myself with those powers. could i finish all my work and stop whining?

i guess. but if i did have his powers...

GOD help humanity.
January 24, 2006


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