.great procrastinator.

who's quilty of procrastinating, please raise your hands.

i bet if i ask this question to a hall full of students, 99% of their hands will come flying up like little tweety birds waiting for some unlucky worm.

i'm not excluded from these tweety birds. i mean, i have tons of work in my mind now. my assignments and my final year project which i think is still stuck at 30%. i mean, after so long... and still stuck at 30%. WTF?

and then i need to read up on ESP so that i can do my assignments. What is ESP?

Extra Special Penis.

What kind of assignment do i need to do?
I need to create a penis that is capable of detachment. i will call it detachable penis.

what is the rationale behind this project?
first of all, if our penis is stuck to our body part, it makes washing hard. and angry wives tend to cut it off for revenge. using a detachable penis, or utilizing a product to enable its detachment, we can now store it safely or detach it back after our wives cut it off.

another objective of this project is for the female counterpart. a detachable penis enables the female to detach them whenever your husband goes for those late night meetings in whore houses or red districts.

with these detachable penis, you can have the assurance that your husband's decency is protected in a safe place. (your safety box maybe).

however, during the duration of this research, i have encountered some problems.

first of all, the detachable penis, might be stored in a safety box along with jewellery and a thief or a robber might abscond it away along with your family jewels.

this is a very unfortunate incident which in case, it does happen, i will not be held responsible.

personal belongings are the responsibility of the owner. we cannot be held responsible for loss or damaged products.

second, a long period of detachment might result in permanent damage to both the product and the user. (limping, rotten, or even change of male to female behaviour).

lastly, a prolonged success of this product might result in two things.

a) newer innovations and cheaper penis replacements (for the lost ones) thus enabling your husband to purchase a second hand one or a new one for that long business meeting.

this can cause a "false sense of security" for the female with the locked penis.

b) imitation goods. (this is bad.... )

another assignment i haven't done is my PSM. which stands for PreSensualMemory.

Pre Sensual Memory stores an artificial orgasm which can be used during sexual orgasm deficiency experiences.

best of all, it comes in Universal Plug and Play.

the Special Edition comes in a Wi-Fi edition for mass orgasm
(useful in orgies or to create massive orgasm in Starbucks)

RRP : RM1337
January 20, 2006


akmj said…
wow! what an innovative modification to our assignments :) i'm truly impressed!

all d best!
Anonymous said…
LOL LOL. I think this is ur funniest entry yet! For the main 'research question' I say aye aye.


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