.fucked up car.

my car went kablooi again.

i wonder what happened to it?

i was starting the engine but the whirring sound of the starter just won't cease. it desired to remain unstarted (is this even a word?)

i took it to the nearby company and had to change the alternator (the thing that charges the battery) and the battery itself.

right now, you can say that i'm damn broke. however i'm glad that there will be a meeting this friday to distribute the new PTPTN agreement and hopefully settle all of this agenda behind me. They say that the money will come in 2 weeks from then. but i definitely doubt it from past experiences.

my money is depleting. right now, i think i'm left with roughly 2 bucks in my wallet. this will have to last me till 15th of this month. and if i'm lucky, my employer will bank in my money.

fuck money.

i'm a procrastinator and a habitual spender. i admit it.

i have tons of assignments not including my final year thesis.

i need to create a database working website (they think i'm a fucking programmer?) with user registration and all those shit. level 1 students can only enter level 1 information while level 2 for level 2... so on so forth.

this won't be easy for someone without any programming background like me.

i've yet to figure out a way through this but hopefully i can manage it soon. not to mention i have to ascertain the validity and reliability of the questionnaires and content on the website.

fuck, guess i have my work cut out for me. i am also out of credit on my handphone thus explaining why i didn't or haven't contacted my other examiner for a meeting. things are really rowdy. my new SE T610 is not exactly in dandy working condition too. it's joystick is fucking up. i just hope it will last me until my PTPTN comes in. then maybe it's time for me to change.

which one should i get?

the new SEW810, Samsung SGH D600 or the Razr V3.

All three have it's pros and cons.

the SE boasts of an intuitive interface that i have loved ( i own 2 SE models before)

SGH D600 can playback video as caller id but the center button acts as a internet button and not to access the menu. this could irk me up a bit. also, the text messaging interface might be slower than SE.

The V3. it just looks good. other than that, VGA cam, no exp. memory, no vid recording... bla bla bla. but it's damn thin....

sometimes, too many choices is not good.
daily dose
January 9, 2006


Anonymous said…
Dunno man, how much is the 810? I love SE so I'd be going for that, I was going to buy the W800 aswell, but it was stupid orange and white, so I got K750.

I'm guessing W810 is gonna be expensive though and my old T610 really gave up, so I had to buy now.
Jimmy Ang said…
yea, the orange and white w600 also pisses me off. it is said to be easily smudged thus resulting in black spots and ugly like faceplates.

the w810 isn't out yet.. however, i think it'll be more or less the same price as w800 since it has everything the w800 has except radio.

w800 pro = radio
w800 con = ugly and childish design

w810 pro = satin black design
w810 con = no radio

give and take, i think these two are roughly on par in terms of price.

but then again, i might be wrong.

i was thinking of k750 too but again, the joystick is the only factor hindering me.
Jimmy Ang said…
sorry, first line was meant to be w800
Anonymous said…
I would vote for SE. I tried K750i and believe it is one of the best phone in its range.

W800 or W810 which is more expensive should be much better, right?
Jimmy Ang said…
actually k750 and w800 uses the same hardware. almost identical except the casing and walkman interface software which i believe could be flashed.

all in all, it comes to preference. would it be worth the extra dollar for the different look?
Anonymous said…
Geez, a new phone AGAIN? You change phones every sem! tsk tsk tsk.
Jimmy Ang said…
the w810 just might have radio after all as confirmed in this picture by mobileburn.

Jimmy Ang said…
aileen : no comment....
Anonymous said…
hey, u complain u're broke, and yet, u're thinking of upgrading ur hp. take some time, and reflect on ur spending habit. tsk tsk
Jimmy Ang said…
well, it's about time my PTPTN bank in my money this semester. and once they do that, i get to upgrade my hp because i get my loan plus my income from work.

it's not bad to divulge yourself in some sweetness after a year of work, is it?


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