.frustrated with PHP and MySQL.

i'm frustrated with my progress.

it's still under construction but i've figured out a couple of scripts to store databases. however, it's far from how i want it yet...

so far i've completed a registration and high score database. now i just need more time in my life...


it looks blank but design is the last thing in my mind now. after i'm finished with the database, the design will be 1337!
January 17, 2006


jolene said…
;) just like my new phone number: 012-3071337. keep yeah, just in case of anything? my dad changed his to 012-2039008 too btw.
Anonymous said…
wats 1337? A C C G? Eh??btw..is the website for your thesis? All the best to u!
Jimmy Ang said…
aileen : 1337 means leet. go check wikipedia. and her phone ends with 1337.

which goes to show how nerdy jolene is. hahahaha! no offense.

and yes, it's for my thesis. thanks.


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