.divorced or concubine?.

i woke up today with surprise. a couple of visitors from outer space. visitors i wouldn't usually have. they were all dressed in blue.

i approached them to see that they were talking to my neighbour.

"hello, boleh saya tolong?" i asked.

the person in charge came over and said "ini rumah XXX dan XXX, ya?"

"ya, betul. saya penyewa rumah."

he then continued, "oh, kamu pelajar UTM ke?"

i thought for a while, thinking whether to tell him the truth, "ya. apasal?"

he looked at me with a pitiful face. he must be thinking what shit i've landed myself into.

"kami ini dari MPJBT,tuan rumah kamu dah tiga tahun tak bayar cukai rumah ya."

"APA?" i asked in disbelief.

"ya, jadi kalau kamu ada cara contact tuan rumah, boleh contact sekarang? kalau tidak kami kena lock-up rumah ini."

i scrambled to my table and took my handphone out. then i searched the phonebook for 'landlord'.

i dialled.

"hello, landlord? i'm your tenant from 26, jln pulai xx. there are some officers from MPJBT here to collect your property/house tax which you haven't paid for 3 years. if you don't pay them today, they'll lock down this place."

she answered "i'm not the owner of this house. can you call this number, 016-77xxxxx and talk to him?"

i said yes and closed up. i was relieved that i can at least reach the landlord or the owner. someone who can settle this issue.

"toot, toot.. hello?" i heard from the other end. it's a guy. most probably the landlord's husband.

"hello, there are some guys from MPJBT who says you haven't paid your 'men pai seh'. I'l let you talk to them ok?"

i passed my cell to the guys.

they talked for 10 minutes. and the MPJBT guys suggested that we paid it first and then we can deduct it from the rental.

i don't know what the other fella said but i paid 60 bucks and will discuss this stupid shit further with the landlord.

at this time, she was no longer known as "the landlord", instead i call her "the bitch" now.

the guy called back twice and scolded us for disturbing him.

i was going like WTF? however i paid no heed. he was saying some stupid things like calling a lawyer accusing us of disturbing and all those kind of shit. he even said we lied to him.

the first thing i asked him calmly.. is, "what did we lie about?"

he said he doesn't want to discuss about it. i was going again, WTF?

he must be an idiot to even think that he can sue us for disturbing him. i mean, his wife (or rather i think it's her divorced wife or even perempuan simpanan) gave us his number and asked us to call him to discuss this issue about HIS HOUSE with him.

i didn't want to argue with him. but i knew he was irritated. he kept calling the landlord (the house was registered under both their name) as "that woman".

i must say that during our duration of stay here for 2 years, i have never met the husband. although she once mentioned something about needing her husband's decision or something.

whenever a problem crops up, she says she'll need to consult with her husband. we asked for his number but she never gave it to us.

thus upon hearing his nickname for his other half. i decided to irritate him.

as soon as he finished threatening us with stupid stuffs like suing us and all those dumb shit which i couldn't even be bothered (he must be a real idiot to say that 'if i'm in a meeting and your call disturbs our meeting, you will cause me to lose business')

i wanted to tell him 'next time, put it in silent or off it. dumbfuck.'

but i kept my mouth to myself. i guess my devil is still locked up.

where were we... yes, to irritate him.

i said "so now, should we settle this with you or YOUR WIFE?"

to which he answered "settle it with THAT WOMAN. i bought her two house so that she can collect the rent. her monthly rental must be around 2000-3000. Can't she manage her own money?"

family fuck-ups.

but now the question is my head is just this... based on their attitude and his answer, is SHE the divorced wife or is she concubine.

btw, she has two kids. so, i'm guessing a divorced wife. your guess...?
January 21, 2006


Anonymous said…
mayb perempuan simpanan wif kids. haha dat guy stupid ar...so easy to sue ppl mer..
Anonymous said…
hahahaha.. if he can sue u for disturbing him, sue him for causing undue stress to u.. hahahaa

im guessing it's the concubine.. probably she'd aged wif wrinkles and had lost all her beauty, which is why he left her and calls her THAT woman... & which husband will buy 2 house for the wife juuz to collect rent purpose?? lol
Anonymous said…
et : yeah, mistress with kids. sad case.

anon : counter sue! yay!

now that u put it that way, most probably she is the mistress.


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