.dark force of the republic is in PTPTN.

for some unbeknownst reason, some of my hard drives can't be read. thus i can't access the pictures from the steamboat in Tmn Molek (The Ark) pictures. Thus this could result in some delay.

i just passed up my PTPTN loan extension form. i think it'll take a couple of weeks before they even start processing the mother fucking shit. i mean, it's most probably coming in (the money) after chinese new year.

i wonder how they work in the department.

they must be led by some dilbert asshole lookalike. or maybe the republic from star wars. (related)

and they must have been trained to make undergraduates' lives difficult.

i mean, who could blame then... a couple of thousand people or graduates don't pay our loan.

i can see it in my head now.... the minute my form gets into the PTPTN office, they're going to stomp on it.. like a ritual. except without any burning incense or any loud prayers and bell knocking.

then they're going to take it up and look at it, as if it's some evil spirit possessed by satan.

"pissing on it" [pic via]

then one by one, they're going to pee on it. or shit on it....

"potty training on my form" [pic via]

once the ritual's over. the biggest boss aka 'darth boss' will probably go "who's the next fucker?"

"darth boss getting horny" [pic via]

some lousy trooper "Jimmy, from UTM"

"what's his problem?"

"he seems to be out of money and some shit happened now he needs an extension to the loan. it seems that his course is 5 years but we only registered 4 years"

"is it our fault?"


"fuck. it's never our fault" then the darth boss proceeds to strangle the trooper with the force.

"ouch... hurts you evil.... i mean, darth boss"

"put the fella under review and give him RM7000. after that, extend his loan to 30 years with interest rates of 5%. then apologize, but use your name ok trooper?"

"what is my name boss?"

"i don't give a flying fuck.. get a name tag. call yourself doggy for all i care"

"the doggy returns" [pic via]

"when should we bank in this student's money boss?"

the darth boss thinks for a while and says ...


"when xialanxue kisses and makes up with xiaxue."

chau chee bye.
January 17, 2006


YAYAYA, i hav no MONey Ledi for this SEM.... WHat the Fu*K with PTPTN!!!!!


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