it's 2006 in the blink of an eye. i know i must be getting older cause time flies by so much faster than yesterday.

it's the time again to ponder about what has happened and what achievements i did in the past one year or 365 days.

2005 was a year full of tribulations for my body. i was plagued with sickness. it is also the year where i start to seriously chronicle my thoughts and learn about the world of blogosphere.

i know many people will remember this year as one of the few years that they cherish in their life, but i couldn't even be bothered to remember it. (i have pictures... haha) what makes a year gone and how fast it passes by must really be determined by how fun it is. i can proudly say that it has been an exciting year for me. i was travelling around places. life was more free this year. however, everything has a price to pay i guess. my grades dropped a bit albeit small but still significant. but i don't really care.

i mean, does it really matter about the 0.2 pointer when life is so much more fun without it? i don't really regret losing them as my life is filled with wonderful memories and i know my friends are too. those who influence me and those who i influence. i guess we can say that life is all about the experience. as hitch says it (if i can remember correctly... i can't be bothered to google it...)
"count life by the amount of moments that take your breath away, not the amount of breaths you take"
i really concur and agree :)

daily dose
January 5, 2006


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