.blame thou frenst.

now that the hoohaa over the AP issue is over and the ear squatting issue is over. i can't ever seem to pinpoint the blame or the culprit. i mean, it's always like this... some big hoohaa and someone sets up an independent body to investigate and in a matter of time, it's all lost.

i wonder how do people lock it up? are we really that forgiving or do we merely procrastinate until the next big topic which will hopefully divert our attention.

i heard that RM5 million were robbed from a security van today.

anyway, putting the blame is a very easy thing. i blame everyone other than myself for everything. i'm sure you all do too. in one way or the other, we think of our own style and way of living far more superior than others.

think of your neighbour, or your best friend... anything they do which irritates the fucking brains out of you?

now, think about yourself... anything you do which irritates the fucking brains out of them?

i'm sure you have and they have too. it's part and parcel of who we are.

but today... or rather a few days ago, i had a great revelation.

it doesn't really matter what your friend thinks of you cause if they can't accept who you are and trust your word... they're better off as someone you just happen to pass by in your life.

he does it behind my back and without my knowledge.

i have done nothing to hurt or intentionally cause malicious irritation towards my friend. everything i do i answer to god truthfully and there's nothing which anyone can say about it. yes, i can vouch for that with my life.

of course i have the occasional white lies and bad truths but i'm sure they're without malicious intent to purposely cause great harm towards my friends.

i treat all my friends as equal and my gf as a notch higher. i mean, i spend the rest of my days with her (maybe...)

but friends that don't trust you, backstab you and intend to purposefully destroy your relationship with another friend is just plain evil.

i mean, i did it all for his own good and out of a good heart. however, there he is... with his mighty stance questioning my reliability and validity.

i admit, he was badly influenced by me once but i did advice him against it. however, he was more caught up with the suspense and action and thought better of the consequences. in the end, he wound up with a bitter heart and an evil soul.

i pray to god that his life is a fullfilling life cause i intend no harm and i pray to god that our paths do not cross again... cause god knows i am an angry person when people i trust hath betrayeth me.

god bless his soul shall it ever cross my path.

p/s: no i'm not having my PMS and even if i did... i wouldn't be taking it out on an unsupecting movie lover.... (wait a minute, that sounds so familiar, oh well...)

January 10, 2006


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