.managing idiots and retail fuckheads.

i'm back. i mean like officially in JB now. the life here sucks but at least there's internet and the hordes of idiots i meet on the net. no, not you. you're just one of the exceptional few geniuses. i love you.... yeah, i really do. serious dude.

well, the first thing i'm gonna do afterwards is change and get my ass off to the cinema to catch King Kong. i mean not literally but figuratively and cinematically. wtf am i talking about... well, you get the freaking meaning.

i was down in jusco just now. the place is cold. just like the way we all like it. ever wonder why they're so fucking cold? we used to have mini mart's with fans and friendly retailers who just might give us a discount or two if we're sweet enough to them. or if we're a big fucking famous asshole. then maybe everything is free. but nowadays, everything is soo fucking routine. the grabbing, the paying, the retail or promoter we meet is even the same. i wonder what would i do if i slap them right in their fucking face and just walk away. havoc man.... but i've been wanting to do that for quite some time now. it's not as if i'm sadistic or anything but i hate those promoters who follow me or shadow me whereever i go. and they keep blabbering promotions, thios one's new, that one's shit and so on. i mean, who gives a flying fuck. they have notices where it writes 50% or 10% for god's fucking sake. if i can't read maybe i shouldn't shop. and if i'm misinformed, i'll sue your asses off.

talk about bad marketing management. and worse of all, those idiots outside the ones near jusco, first floor. the 5 dollar shop. they have a couple of girls outside the shop asking people to come in. i mean enticing people to come in with words that mean nothing. fuck them idiots. they make me NOT want to go in. come on lar, they look like a couple of hookers outside the red district attracting customers. i know they're doing their job but the management should really do something about this. this is just plain idiots managing a retail shop. welcome them but don't hassle them at the roadside. freaking morons.

somemore today got one idiot come to our house with the fucking promotion. the scratch and win a perdana or any one of the other prizes which costs like a million fucking dollars. it's a fucking lucky draw.... only if you pay SO & SO to purchase then you are sure to win a prize....

could be a trip to Thailand worth 3500 or even a Perdana. but i'm guessing the most probable prize i'm going to win is the JADE mattress which they say will promote health and shit like that. BULSHIT lar. come here i give you two tight slap. but their acting was good though. first they give you a ticket. then they give a "fucking LIKE WIN lotto face sooo happy like baru habis sembelit" face. then they talk that you no need to pay shit.... suddenly, teng , teng, teng! RM2997. WTF right? chee bye lar.

fuck these idiot micro managing managers who're no better than Ah Beng Sdn Bhd.
December 19, 2005


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