.favourite blogger of the year.

yesterday, someone posed me a very difficult albeit not impossible question,

"Who is your favourite blogger?"

it kept me wondering for quite some time and to tell you the truth, at first, I have no idea.

no idea at all.

there are some nominations being kenny sia.

what is this blog about, basically...

everything. from personal to humour to even political satire. however, kenny focuses more on parodies and photoshop skills to bring out the best in his post.

like i said, his style of writing depends very much on his illustrations and believe me, pictures say a thousand words.

the second one is suanie.

however, suanie rants and there are less pictures to accompany. her other counterpart KY... comes with damn lot of pictures.

Suanie comes off to me as a crazy Starbucks loving gal. Thus, her pee must smell like coffee, which is totally out of the point.

however, her fun and happy going attitude makes her posts a joy to read.

the third nominee is jeffooi.

however, being the political and reporting style part kinda irks me off cause it's too serious and nothing much personal or funny.

but, if there were any political blog or serious mind blogging, brain eating blog of the year award, it goes to jeff.

the fourth one is from minishorts.

her rants are deep but can be a bit bitchy at times. but i kinda love the guy-gal agenda going on. what do i mean by guy-gal?

her bf and her. haha. it kinda put things into perspective for me. i now know a bit about the weird ramblings of a gal and how to react (albeit only through a single POV).

that being said, I enjoy reading her posts just cause ... i do!

the fifth nominee is Rockson Takumi Tan

there's only 1 reason why I like his posts :

vulgar ah beng!

the sixth nominee is waiterrant.

however, being the foreigner... i donch wan my award to stray far from home. this is a time for Malaysians to rise up for the occasion.

so, out you go waiter... :)

the winner and final nominee of My Fav Blogger of the year award goes to...


kidding... that'd be such a fucking spoiler right?

micheal ooi. (anak jeff?)

his posts, although lacking in pictures still manages to squeeze out the laughter in me. his words emit vivid pictures in my brain (not very nice ones... especially the shapeshifters which i agree 100%).

the simple design of his blog shows some stupidity in blog design but it also shows that... content is more important than design.

overall, i just love him... not literally... bah... humbug!

no mack, or dua cen or even aiz cause i prefer personal posts.
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December 30, 2005


Anonymous said…
michael ooi..i LURVE reading his blog!! when i discovered his blog during the teaching practice I was addicted to it and read it non-stop for hours to end.
Jimmy Ang said…
julia :

addicted? man, he must have corrupted your mind.

suanie : he's mine!
Anonymous said…
oh, i like his dry wit and cynical humour, and the way he regularly bashes housewives and just about anything that crosses his path.


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