.the chronicles of Narnia.

warning, possible spoiler.

well, let me recap this story as best i can remember. it was a good story that's for sure. but nothing fantastic. i would give it an overall 7/10.

the story is about a family. whose father is out fighting a war and mom is too busy with nothing to do and had to send his 4 CHILDREN out to another stranger so they can bug him instead. irresponsible, i know but WTF am i to judge her. kids really get on the nerves.

anyway, while they have the usual sibling rivalry that we experience everyday, we can see from the beginning until the end how this rivalry turns into romantic incestous love.... just kidding about this.

while playing a new revolutionary game called "hide and seek". they stumbled upon a cupboard which leads to thousands and thousands of acres of freehold undeveloped, unconguered land. (i suggest them to conguer it and dig for oil but they're still young...)

there are two sides in the world, the terrorist, and the Americans... kidding. the white witch and the non-white witch. the non-white witch land is ruled by a gigantic lion called Simba... no, Ah Lan.

together with 4 fucking kids... and an army of morons who really take orders from 4 fucking kids... they set out to destroy a witch with supernatural powers... i mean, no wonder animals are conguered by humans. their brains are really miniscule.

and at last, they (the fucking kids) won and lived as king... and queens.

after spending 30++ years in the stupid cupboard, they decided that since sex is only incestous, they wanted more.... they decided to get out of the cupboard... only to find out that their dick has shrunken to minute sizes... and boobies too!
December 21, 2005


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