.Christmas with the LIONS! (revamped)

i went to watch "a chinese tall story" during christmas eve. it was not packed... which is more than i can say about King Kong. It was a good laugh since all the ah bengs and ah lians sitting at the back row were laughing so i admit i was a bit influenced and laughed along just for the heck of it. (hey, no harm in a little laughter here and there)

anyway, i've been busy these couple of days especially from the 24th until 26th. on the 24th morning i had to wake up rather early.. of course it was not right after i watched the midnight show of "a chinese tall story".

then me, abbas and singpei took a bus straight to jb to city square. from there, it was walking to the imigration. this is not my first time to sg mind you but still, it is still a bit kinda of a tame experience.

however, we had a strange encounter during the bus ride. abbas was sitting in front of us and since he was sitting alone, a girl came over and sat beside him. i didn't notice it cause i was still sleeping. but i was awoken by a shoulder tapping me asking me to look in front. and what do i see?

a girl resting (or rather sleeping) on his shoulder! i was like OMG! if it was a cun chick nvm lar.... but... anyway, imagine sitting in a public place like the roadside or the bus or the LRT and this girl slides along and plops her face right next to you. if you turn, you might even smell her breath.

hahahaha! we had a field time with him that's for sure.

we went to orchard to celebrate christmas. of course the scenery and thingies were beautiful, even the trees but really, nothing fantastic. and i was expecting more of a realistic snow, not foam soap kindamajiggy from cans. they were spraying it all over the place (usually to girls only).

the great christmas tree!

acting cute while talking on the phone or flirting on the phone?

at 12, there were even more spraying! however, it didn't turn out into a fucking full fledge riot like the one in KL cause here, they have something we call POLICE!

25th was just wasted walking around near esplanade, taking pictures and shopping. i admit the stuffs and clothes there are pretty nice expecially the "girl" versions but i just had to multiply everything by 2.23... it turned out to be more taxing than i could imagine!

suntec city pose

Abbas messing around...(picture taken by me!!!!)

fountain of wealth ok? ... looks more like a donut!

in Marche.. somewhere in Suntec! see Abbas punya muka giler?

Esplanade punya durian! ..."Two girls a guy and a DURIAN...?"

Two guys, a girl and a stupid picture... :)

Durian again, but this time..
notice i had to squat to accomodate the short girl beside me?
hahahaha! she's evil....

durian RAWKS!

wonder why she's evil? she's squinting her eyes
to accomodate my eyes she says.. blardy hell!

King of Narnia!

the girls had a wonderful time shopping numerous shit and Abbas was having fun too. me? i just browsed around waiting for the right thing to catch my eye... and it did, it came in the form of a Levi's Engineered Jeans! wonderful i say. but a tad too pricey, another thing that caught my eye is the Singapore''s Edition of FHM. it has a ask Izzy (sarongpartygirl?) and it featured and exclusive interview on Dawn Yeo from Clapbangkiss?

there's also a pack of cards featuring some hot chicks. but it'll stay in the cupboard till CNY!

another thing that caught my eye during the trip is handphones... the W900i from SE and the Nokia 7370 L'Amour collection! WOW! definitely wonderful!

bye bye mates!
December 27, 2005


you seldom post tat much photos....nice !!!!
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks SK. i seldom post photos cause i have no fucking compact digital camera... but i'm contemplating a hp/camera/mp3 player soon... :)



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