.thank god i didn't end up like tok rimau.

my car repair accumulated a whopping sum. i was shocked at the bill. but i guess it's needed since i will be heading on a long way trip across kl to penang.

but after getting it repaired, i heard sounds. whirring sounds. heck, it sounds even worse than before getting it repaired.

i went back and made a storm. they repaired it. it was some kind of ball bearings. they changed it for me.


now that's after service and customer satisfaction!

thank god or I could've ended up like tok rimau here. [via]

muahahahaha! nasib baik aku check dulu! nyenyenye!
selalu mau biasa mau check ini barang sebelum jalan - pesanan dari Rajan.
i totally agree.

p/s: i also found some english bloopers. wtf does this mean?

it's trouble! I have fogot to be light in the connor. - some idiot
i wonder what would Disney say...?
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November 16, 2005


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