.the smell of Johor and the taste of Penang.

Dear invaders,

sorry for my long absence, you see, life has taken so much of its toll on me. I mean, celebrating deepavali, playing futsal with a couple of idiotic lunatic mates, getting tummy cram for the rest of my remaining holidays, that basically sums up my pathetic holiday.

I went back with a mission, that is to study. Study like a mad arse horseman being chased by 10 hungry tigers, lions and wolves... but what did i end up with?

Night outings with mates, going for dim sums, shopping with mum, futsal... you know, the whole package.

My bastard bro went to Pangkor. KNNBCCB, never bring me together. I'm gonna screw his freaking arse this holiday cause I plan to go merantau also. merantau where?

the usual places in Malaysia lar, where else... first destination, SG, then move on to KL, Genting, bla bla bla.

Holding your tummy for 8 hours in a bus that makes creaking sounds is really tiring. What more I was afraid that the stupid freaking bus is gonna explode any moment. Damn thing is really noisy.

One thing I no longer notice in these buses are THE MOVIES? Where is it? I mean, I used to look forward to these movies. sometimes they'd play 3 movies together? Why? Cannot buy original, pirated also cannot show hiar? KNN, land of piracy sometimes sucks...

Oklar, I really can't talk as often as I used to cause from today until the 15th is my finals. And i'ts also the goddamn NaNoWriMo thing, so I'll blog here periodically.

Gotta Study for DA,MA,WD,CL and CB.

Just kidding about the CB part.
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November 7, 2005


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