.the principles of blog war.

war mongering among bloggers has gone to great heights. personally, to some extent, i just love it and at the same time hate it. i'm in a dilemma, on one hand, people fighting is good. intellectual debate screwed over difference of opinions are not to be missed. it's like debating about which one's better, "onions or garlic."

of course for me, garlic is the pawn!

anyway, blog police or no blog police, fighting is wrong. that's lesson no.3 in parenting. no. 2 is no throwing tantrums. no.1 would be "don't fucking shit or pee in your pants".

however, standing up for yourself and protecting your opinions and views can certainly be a worthy cause.

again, i'm confused.

the recent fucking hoo haa is really trivial. however, it has reached the tipping point. the one point where it makes sure whether the epidemic breaks out. this tipping point is the only difference between widespread epidemic and containment.

those participating are not really helping matters with snideful remarks that eleviate the tension. most of the posts just continued to hit, wham and bam a certain party. however, keep in mind this phrase "if you have nothing good to say, then have a nice hot cup of STFU!". do not eleviate tensions as people would most definitely retaliate to whatever shit it is you are spewing out of your mouth, regardless of how stupid or how intelligent your post is.

other third parties like yours truly included just sit back and watch the drama unfold cause basically there's nothing more interesting in the brogosphere than war mongering nobodies.
blog concerns
November 14, 2005


Tok Rimau said…
Postings on blog nowadays are just like falling blades of grass in a very big jungle. Nobody takes a hoot. Unless you are some big shots. But big shots don't have blogs.

If they got one, other people are updating it for them.
Jimmy Ang said…
cr : kahsoon fiasco? hahaha! i remembered the last time you screwed him for multiple pinging in pps.

rok rimau : how true...


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