.pee-ed again.

ok ok, this is a mere personal and more detailed explanation of the fuck up that happened in my previous post. it happened a long long time ago, ok. when i was damn small, can?

fiction or truth? you decide:

Once upon a time, i mean a long long time ago. In a far far away place. There were two brothers, One was called timmy as was written in his super duper important birth proof cert. without that cert, he is a anak haram. Now, the more handsome brother but more "bin pueh kau" (thick skin) calls himself jimmy, although his very super duper important birth cert never has that small bit part but jimmy was clever. he dun care. he want also. so he started calling himself jimmy. clever leh!

Anyway, one day while jimmy was helping mom with the dishes, he very "da tulan" (fed up) with timmy because timmy got not much work. timmy was only cleaning the table, helping to feed the dogs and taking in the laundry.

"damn, so little things to do where can!" thought jimmy!

so, little jimmy go and screw the CCB timmy. he go there and start fucking timmy with voices that can kill a bird, his kukubird.. the one he keep, insisde his cage, always.

now, off topic, this kukubird of jimmy is very "da keng wan!" (GOOD). although kukubird is a bird, but it looks like a horse! it can sing, but only for girls, it can shoot but also only for girls. The kukubird's best friend is very important. It's name is RIGHT HAND. okok, too much but they very da good, meet everyday wan last time. However, the liquid on kukubird is very acidix so sometimes too much contact with RIGHT HAND also not good.

(I talking about using soap to bathe the bird lar, nabeh you all hamsap CB people!)

anyway, jimmy go and screw timmy. only to kena whallop by father-mee and mother-mee.

now, jimmy damn tulan ady! how can? i am the one! ok, I am neo, the ring bearer and the cheebye potter also cannot fight me. how come i still have to stay here and let these two people beat me up. i am da man! ok?

obviously, reading too much books is sometimes not good for your imagination.

now, jimmy very da clever, he keep quiet and say in his heart like every idiotic bad/evil mastermind..

"I'll get my revenge one day".

So with that, the whole family were quiet again.

Or at least they thought so...

(fast forward a few hours)

Now, in the middle of the night, jimmy would always wake up. So, today was no exception. Damn it, he had to go to the toilet again! What to do, his bladder was never good. And then he look at timmy's CB face. Still damn tulan with him!

(insert image of bulb flashing here)
"Ahha! I have an ideaa" thought jimmy.

You guessed it right. Jimmy went over to timmy's bed which is relatively easy as they share a room. He took his blanket and took it down. He made it to look like a pile of shit out of the blanket. Not literally but to look like. So it has more fabric in the middle.

Then, he continued to PEE on his blanket. Trying hard and hard to aim for the tip center of the fabric cause... got more cloth to absorb the water. muahahaha!

After relieving himself, jimmy felt relief x 2. Why? Because he had revenge and he also had relieved his bladder!

And that my friend is the end of the story.


since this was like the next best idea since sliced bread, jimmy continued to utilize the "pile, aim, shoot, relief" method a few more times.. in fact a few more times than timmy would've liked....


Well, the moral of the story is, never shit on your brother's blanket. Use something dissolve-able like PEE because biodegradable stuffs ROCK!

the end.
daily dose
November 13, 2005


aisyah ecot said…
nasib baik la .. i have no siblings who have ur 'ingenious'
Jimmy Ang said…
i'm sure their ingenuity can fight with mine. they just haven't told you yet...


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