.the other creature.

girls are weird. when i say that i mean the whole population of them, not just a mere majority.

why do i come to this conclusion? there are numerous reasons. i believe they were born with some pyschology disorder screwed into their DNA.

the first disorder is called the "optional death" syndrome. why is it called optional death? because any option will lead to the death or demise of yourself.

e.g :

gf : this girl pretty or this girl pretty?

bf : both also not pretty. you are the prettiest.

gf : i am talking about these two girls lar.

bf : oh, if i have to choose then, that one lar.

gf : so, you like her lar.... !@#$%^~!.................................................

bf : WTF?

have you ever met this shit?

and the second disorder is called the "toothpick thin" syndrome. why? cause they're never satisfied until they look as thin as a toothpick.

gf : my [insert any body part here] is flabby. i need to slim down.

bf : but you haven't ate anything and you have been dieting for the past 10 months.

gf : you like to see me fat meh?

bf : but you look nice the way you are now.

gf : no lar, [so and so] said i fat ady lar.

bf : .......................

the third and final disorder is called the "death trap". no matter what you do, you die.

gf : do you love me?

bf : yes i do (answer instantly)

gf : you answer so fast no need to think one meh? har? you lie lar you!


bf : yes i do (took some time)

gf : why you took so long to answer.. har? very hard is it this question. you ccb, go to die lar. we break up better lar if you need to even think for so long whether you love me or not.

bf : CCB.

you see, girls are creatures created by god to give us a hard time. and i hate it when guys reveal our secrets to these girls so that these girls can understand our mind. these are our exclusive secrets and just for some fame, they reveal the secret. you know those, "10 questions to ask your bf" and those kind of shit from women's magazine?

i'd not be surprised if it was written by males. i mean, which fucked up idiot reveals the secret trump card for just a few quick bucks. our whole civilization and our children depend on those secrets. and you wanna screw it for some quick buck? you people who reveal our secrets deserve a darwin's award!

what irks me more is when male conspire with female to make our life harder. i mean blog war was cool. faking it.. is plain BULL SHIT (bawang merah quote).

Vincent and Claire's self proclaimed bullshit fake blog war just fucking sucks, why? cause blog war is cool, no blog war = not cool.

another example of war mongering nobodies faking a war to make their life more significant. basically it just pisses ppl off.

now that's taking a side. my side.
sexual prey
November 15, 2005


Tasha Green said…
nah.. girls aren't weird.. that'll be a whole different chapter.. actually girls are complicated beings.. REALLY complicated. thats what makes us different from the boys.. lol.
Jimmy Ang said…
??? : it won't work long term... believe me.

jasmine : complicated can be interpreted in different ways.... :(

i hate complications. especially when the doctor in the operation room says it.


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