i was sitting in my class yesterday with my tuition students. mind you, they're all adults.

so, their results were out and they all passed (must see who's the teacher lar...)

and since we had some time to spare we started talking. mainly about places. pulau sibu, pangkor and all those shit. maybe we'll plan an outing together sometime. maybe not. who knows. but the idea is there.

anyway, we hopped topics till we reach infidelity (unfaithfullness)

so there we were. the 4 of us. talking about infidelity.

"i think i might go out to find another woman once i'm married. i can't keep myself to one girl"

i say : "but you'll ruin your family."

"well, i've been thinking but i don't know how i can cope with temptations"

another student said "guys like you will die alone and be lonely"

then another student said "i have a friend, female who says she's very attracted to married men. it's a different kind of attraction. i guess it shows maturity and security. however, i did told her that she'd be ruining otherpeople's marriage but she says she can't help it"

student A says "imagine what would you do if your wife were out there with another guy?"

"but it's different, when a guy has two girls... it usually is because they're playful and they can be in love with two girls at the same time. however, when a woman sleeps with another guy... it can only mean one thing. she has lost all love for you and she has thought it all over. in one word, it's called... OVER."

student A "yes, that i agree. guys are more playful than woman. but his wife would lose all love for him. do you know how much hurt this would cause the girl?"

"i know, but i wouldn't let her know."

everyone "but you can't hide it forever and most probably, everything leaks..."

at last i say "it's like this. imagine that your world's most favourite food is KFC. and then you can eat KFC everyday. wouldn't that be nice? however, after some time, you get bored of KFC and decide to try Pizza Hut or McDee.But from that day onwards, you can never eat KFC again... ever! then you'd only realize how much you miss KFC. "

i continue "you will never realize what you've got and how important it is until you've lost it."

".......... true"

see... food referencing works everytime!
sexual prey
November 17, 2005


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