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foreplay. the word alone evoke emotions of sensation. however to the common few, foreplay is.. like... still a damn alien term.

most men go direct to sex omitting foreplay. what they seldom understand is that foreplay plays an integral part in a healthy sexual relationship.

however, as i am sitting here in front of my computer i wonder what is foreplay? it differs from people to people right?

some people get excitement just from kissing (french style). other people get excitement from masturbation. i mean, those are extreme ends.

other type of foreplay might include, fetish activities, BDSM (Bondage "Sadomasochism"...sex maniac), or even sexual roleplaying.

ahha! now that I mention sexual roleplaying. how do people get turned on by sexual roleplaying? giving your gf a nurse costume or a Princess Leia suit justifies roleplay or do they need to act the part too?

maybe i shuould get back our drama costume from the library and prepare it in my cupboard just in case i might need it for erotic foreplay. i mean, animal roleplay are the p()rn instinct man!

now on to BDSM. WTF is bdsm? the way i see it, teenagers now are soooooooo freaking into BDSM. you wanna know why i came to this conclusion? well, the fact that they think they're cool wearing all those collars on their neck and those long lines of rope from their jeans. i mean, wtf is that for?

collar neck is usually a symbol of preference for BDSM!

i don't even want to get started on the punk or skinhead culture.

now what if.... you want roleplay and your other half prefers BDSM? man, that would be bad. don't give me the compromise shit. i mean, some people view bdsm as degrading while others view costume roleplay as degrading.

obviously, most of the time... girls get the foreplay advantage and only occasionally do the man get the foreplay advantage (depends on the girl lar).

how do I know?

Men are machines. they get orgasm from mechanical repetition of stroking and that's a fact. it's just a matter of how long before they ejaculate.

women, they're more complicated. they prefer getting mindfucked most of the time. (no, not fucking their brains off, it means they prefer emotional responses compared to physical responses)

so, know your foreplay!

p/s: i'm sooo fucking sorry if you're fucking offended by this post cause this is a post for one purpose, entertainment in my already boring life. it is also a blown up proportion of what i am thinking. so, pls don't get tooooo offended.
sexual prey
November 16, 2005


Anonymous said…
I dunno why this kinda topic is often considered as taboo among many people. But yea, foreplay is indeed important, cos most women need mental stimulation before they can reach orgasm ;)
LC_Teh said…
I remember a nice little joke I heard once on tv. "We can't do four play. Three's the most number of people I could get on my bed!"
JoeC said…
Foreplay is like a big dinner course, take time for satisfaction, so, cannot have it too frequently then sometime no time... its maggi mi time, five mins ding-ding! cheers!
Jimmy Ang said…
worldangel : yeah, erotic foreplay is like da pawn!

lc teh : damn, good one!

joec : i agree with the "cannot have it too frequently" it is taxing on both parties. but 5 mins maggi mi... sounds like premature ejaculation....


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