.done with singapore.

sorry mx. they've churned out with December's issue of FHM. I can't even find November's issue in Popular.

the bus is empty. maybe haunted. the way back... everything was full.

bah, overall, my experience in Orchard was ok. Don't think it was exciting or any different from KL or Penang Shopping Complexes but there are far more Chinese and Westerners there.
I bought three shit only. And all in all, I spent RM100. What a whopper. I bought nothing much. nothing electronic. Just a wallet for my friend, a sex toy (dice thingy.. damn nice!) and a shirt. the shirt was for 10 bucks sing. i was like OMG, OMG.. cheap man. Then it dawned upon me. MCH, if change to RM also 22.15 lar. CCB.

the crowd in Orchard on a Friday! FRIDAY! is like whopping.

anyway, I was really looking forward to meeting my auntie and cousin staying there. hopefully they will take me around lar. but i called them like 4-10 times and no one answered. sucks i know. but damn... it was a tiring and boring experiencc. of course i haven't experienced the National Zoo yet. They say it's da bomb there. And I might be going again during Christmas. BTW, my mom booked a holiday stay somewhere .. i dunno where. forgot. but i guess it's another family outing. hahaha.

MRT station and lonely me.....

tomorrow i'll be heading off to Muar, then to KL on Sunday. if Jolene is not da EVIL, maybe she'll let me use her PC to go online. then maybe I can update some shit.

none of these can be used. cause they don't freaking accept coins!

waiting for an MRT is tiring but at least they're not as slow as the ones in KL.

NS 22 - Orchard

for now. let's just be contented that i don't write shit anymore. or maybe i do....

listening to : jay chou - fa ru xue
November 18, 2005


5xmom.com said…
kehkehkeh, jimmy, you typed 'I bought three shit only. And all in all, I spent RM100.'

Wuah, expensive....
Anonymous said…
jimmy , u should have check with the singapore tourist board at kl , there is discount for visiting sg major tourist attraction like zoo,sentosa that will save u more n u should try the mustafa centre at serangoon road where the local get their stuff cheaper .
Anonymous said…
hey man
dun worry bout the mag XD

thanks for trying
i still owe u one buddy ;p

have a great week ahead ; )
jolene said…
deiii.. i couldn't even use myself. >.< not my fault.

she wanted what ah? why you never say earlier, then i also go help find? haha, my blogroll super long -- i don't read that often. must go find already.
Anonymous said…
donkey : yeah, but sentosa's for later and also zoo. i heard the zoo freaking rocks.

mx : sorry mate

jolene : no probs.


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