.brain bloopers.

she never fails to crackle us up with posts that do not need the processing power of a cow's brain.
it is ludicrous to throw a human being in jail for torturing animals because animals are not capable for self-conscious thoughts. They do not possess the ability to be self-aware, and therefore are not bestowed with the knowledge of their very existance.
and again...
Well before I digressed, I was saying that animals do not need to be pampered. I do not proclaim to be a frantic animal lover (only like them if they are cute; animal lovers, do you love cockroaches? Don't gimme bullshit, if you are an "animal lover" then you love all animals, else you are just a CUTE-LOVER), and nor do I have anything against people who are infatuated with animals...
p/s: cockroaches are PESTS, they are what we call in BM "Serangga perosak", thus we don't really need to freaking love them in any fucking way. in fact kill them as soon as you see them cause they not only are a pest but they might cause a disease epidemic... who knows right?
I hate it when people treat animals better than they treat humans!
i hate it too...

but do you really have to resort to this?

Yeah right kiddo, he only loves you coz he knows you will give him food. Why not test his love by sending him to your neighbour, who gives him tastier food from now on, and see if he returns? If he does, it is possibly coz your neighbour doesn't masturbate him and you do (out of love, you proclaim). Conditioned responses, all conditioned responses.
this reminds me so much of skinner's research on operant conditioning.

and guess what she is promoting...

Anyway, once again, before I digressed, I was saying that the Thais have made me realise that there is NO NEED WHATSOEVER TO PAMPER ANIMALS.

It is obvious the animals were kept in bad conditions, very bad conditions. The snakes were in mineral water bottles, the squirrels swung around via a string tied to their necks, and the puppies pushed around and allowed to lick every tourists' filthy hand.
in singapore puppies are not allowed to lick tourists' hands one meh?

i mean, i understand the notion of no need to PAMPER animals but... nevermind. i should let my cousin, a veterinarian in Singapore read this. hahaha!
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November 14, 2005


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