.back in penang.

i finished my stint in Kl. i have some pictures but i'm lazy to upload it now. it's in the middle of the night in one of those suburb places where the morning is bustling but the night is creepy. i parked my car in the back lane. fuck, i scared i cannot find my car on the way back. so... must be fast. but i expect things will be a lot more steady in the next few days.

KL pretty much rock but sux at the same time. it rocks cause i had my uncle and my cousin, jolene (refer to previous post). jolene is a talking machine. but, she's more or less, like the one you see in the digi advertisement where more talktime is good. haha. kidding. she's a chirpy one and she sure as hell makes everyone look damn quiet in her presence.

their family, my uncle and auntie lar... were gracious enough as host on my last day to show us the way to pudu. i admit, i'm blind and blur as hell in KL. i can't even navigate a turn from sg. wang to imbi back to lowyat without getting lost.... (kidding but you get what i mean).

anyway, KL's pretty much a blast except the walking part. and i was having a hell of a stomach ache during the visit that everytime after i eat, my face will be like cringing. i look like some retard frog. sorry to jolene and family. it was pretty tiring having to handle a stomach about to burst the whole day. i later found out in Selayang hospital that the ordeal or pain is actually a very serious shit of gastric. fuck gastric. i hate it. hurts like chee bye.

now, i'm ok. he gave me some medication and i've taken it for two days and so far.. so good. stomach's not acting shitty anymore. go prevacid. i've got a new addition to my daily dose of drugs now.

anyway. now i'm in penang. blogging from my lab. will be back here in a few days with (hopefully) pictures. loads but not too much of pictures. and maybe some more updates and crazy nothings from mee. btw, the char koay teow in sin tatt garden rocks my sox. i am just soooooo gonna whallop the food here it will be ecstacy!... that is... if my stomach don't fucking chee bye lan cheow cringe with grasticitis anymore.

maggi mee.
daily dose
November 25, 2005


pinkpau said…
"KL pretty much rock but sux at the same time."

teehee are you trying to start another controversy? :D

btw, tshirts tshirts tshits!!! how? :(
JoeC said…
oie, why maggi mee ah?
Jimmy Ang said…
su ann. check latest post.

joec. cause they make you lose hair. haha!


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