.what car?

that day i was waiting on the traffic light. suddenly this car appeared. i thiknk it's quite nice but i can't really figure out the type/model or manufacturer of the car... any ideas?

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daily dose
October 4, 2005


KY said…
that's an rx7 you noob. with body kits
Anonymous said…
wah, liddat also you can recognize.
Anonymous said…
jimmy u noob, its actually quite obvious -_-"
jolene said…
you ulufied boy! >.< even i can see it's one of those rx ones! =p
bUttsH4k3r said…
zomg jimmy. you can tell from the brake lights!
Wingz said…
alamak!!! RX7 also u dunno??!!! its my dream car!!!
Anonymous said…
faeces lar you all. you think i give a damn about what car meh? the only thing i know is the difference between proton waja and proton satria or saga.

maybe i know which one is kancil also. but mother making lover, you ask me to see what this car is from the side.. i think a bit hard.

sorry har. i no auto fan.i only love food and money. other, boleh blah.

see i managed to reply without using vulgar words. ;)
mob1900 said…
for a Mazda RX-7, that really is a 'Turn-off'! how do you destroy a sportcar repertoire? easy... just make sure a Malaysian ah beng owns one. waliau, damn-9 rice-boy the car.


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