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31st October might not ring a bell to a lot of people but to some, it's the monstrous Halloween's Day.

Cowboy Caleb from over the seas is throwing a party by bloggers for bloggers and everyone else.

I think it's by bloggers for everyone....

Anyway, it's up and happening in SG and it will be held in The Gallery Hotel in Robertson Quay. I might be going if I wasn't stuck in Penang.

The party entitled "Virtual Insanity" requires you to go with COSTUMES. cool huh? Now, no more worries of people recognizing you celebrity bloggers.

If you don't have a costume, just buy a freaking mask there.

Part of the money earned will go to WMD. Yes, that's Weapons of Mass Destruction. It seems that bloggers are planning one to kill mankind and leave their mark behind..

no, dumbfucks. it's "Women Make A Difference (WMD) International"

come on, it's for a good cause. If you're from JB or somewhere near.. get to it. I hear minishorts even wanted to apply cuti just to go there. WTF? Is it that cool?

To kow that, you have to be there...

However, like I said, I'll be in Penang on the 31st. So, I was wondering if there is any happening events during Halloween in Penang?

If not, I'll just maybe... go to catch "Corpse's Bride"..

Sad, I know....

Fuck you singaporeans for having so much fun without me...
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October 26, 2005


Reta said…
we should organize one also =P

so jimmy boy? what doing you? go organize one la hehe
Jimmy Ang said…
i organize one?

crazy ar? obviously you have never went to any event that was organized by me.

believe me, it'll suck.. or.. it'll rock to the max.
Cowboy Caleb said…
Actually the Barflies are throwing it.

I'm so sad you can't make it. Airasia lah!!!
Jimmy Ang said…
AirAsia can't save me. i bought my ticket back to penang a even before i knew about VI.

damn it.


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