.trying to play god.

yes, there is one way human can play god. think about it, what is the one thing that makes god so special? the ability to give life. and he does not take credit for it. he hides behind some ensemble cast up in the heaven and just watches us as we praise and give thanks to him. but he doesn't come down and ask you kiss his foot or ask us to repay him with money or even our soul.

he gave it to us and we can do the same thing, selfless sacrifice.

every year, almost every day, people die because of diseases which canot be cured but they can be saved. by just a simple act of god from us. no, we do not wave our wand and play witchcraft or wizardry like Harry Potter. We sacrifice. This is the ultimate act. Selfless sacrifice. No, you're not god. And it can hardly be called playing god.. but you can feel how it feels like to give LIFE. giving LIFE to other people.

Even before you close your eyes, you know you'll live on. Not as you, yourself but as someone else. But you still live on.
From the Buddhist point of view, the donation of organs after one's death for the purpose of restoring the life of another human being constitutes an act of charity, the foundation of a spiritual or religious way of life.

Buddhism POV - DANA is the Pali term for charity or generosity. The perfection of this virtue can be achieved in three ways.

  1. the giving or sharing of material things or worldly possessions;
  2. the offering of one's own bodily organs after death; and
  3. the offering of one's services for a worthy cause, even to the extent of sacrificing one's own life for the well being and happiness of others in need.
Christian POV - The Holy Bible makes a clear distinction between the resurrected body (for the next life) and our earthly bodies. Our earthly bodies serve a useful purpose for this present life alone and has no relevant function in the life to come. Therefore, if the usefulness of our bodily organs can be extended beyond our own earthly existence for the benefit of those who remain here, we should do all we can to make this possible.

Hinduism POV -Hinduism is a religion of Love. All Hindu dogmas and activities are based on Love, towards all living beings. Based on this philosophy of love, great Hindu saints have done noble acts of charity, for us to emulate. For example:
  1. The saintly emperor Chivy donated his own flesh to a hunter
  2. Maharishi Dedisi donated his own bones to make a weapon called Vajrayutham for the benefit of mankind
  3. Saint Kannappar gave his own eyes to Lord Shiva
Islamic POV - It was narrated that during the battles of Badr and Uhud in A.D. 624 and 625, Prophet Muhammad reattached the detached eye of Qatada ibn Noman, and the severed hands of Muawith ibn Afra and Habib ibn Yusof. Muslim jurists, such as Al-Imam Nawawi and Asshirbini, are known to have sanctioned transplantation of teeth and bones.

There is no religion against organ donation and do you really care how people will look at you after you die?

Or do you care how the boy in the hospital bed will feel?

It's not a matter of playing god. but a satisfaction of giving LIFE.

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October 27, 2005


Anonymous said…
play god by doing human transmutation. hahaha
Kamigoroshi said…
Though...that's what people in my line of work do.

We play God and get paid.
Jimmy Ang said…
alex : did i mention transmutation?

edrei : what is your job?
Alicia said…
eerk... donating organs.. eeh.. not that i had nver think of that.. buden...

i've tot of the following consequences...

i somewhat.. not to say believe in reincarnation.. but wad if it exists n i am gonna b reincarnated with some of my organs not working properly :/ or not being able to b reincarnated cuz of my lost organs...

bwahhaha laf as muc as u wan.. i've been thinking of crap stuffs when i hv the tots of being an organ donor..


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