.selling me car shades?

it's 1 pm. i'm exhausted from everything. i woke up at 11am to meet the dreaded lecturer who stormed out of the class. it wasn't fruitful. she said we have to bear the consequences. i have no idea what the consequences were but i knew better than to ask. she just might increase the consequences to inordinate proportions. god knows how bitchy strict she can get.

but she did say, apology acepted. a bunch of bullshit. i would rather she say, ok, everything's fine now. but tough luck heh?

screw it. i think i'm gonna get a C or a D for this freaking subject. fuck everyone in utm for making her the director of a multi million dollar company. fuck you, fuck me, fuck everyone. i'm fed up of life.

anyway, after that, we decided to grab a bite in one of those open air coffe stalls. you know, the one where any fucking idiot can come in and sell you stuffs or ask for money wearing a fake monk suit probably tailored from some freaking idiot. yeah, that one.

we sat down and i ordered food. then this guy, don't know whether he's indian or chinese or malay but he sure as hell is dumb. he approached the table beside me. i know he's just doing his job but the sight of him disgust me. i can't stand people like this. after an unfruitful attempt to coax the family beside my table to purchase his fucking car shades, he proceeded to my table. i continued eating.

he didn't even say, excuse me or sorry to bother you. he knew we would just piss him off. so, he started his laser mouth. talking and talking. my mates shooked her head, indicating a no. i mean which part of a horizontal shook did you not understand? wasn't it clear that we weren't interested in your fucking car shades? i mean, fuck PTPTN (PERBADANAN TABUNG PENDIDIKAN TINGGI NEGARA) for delaying my loan, now this fucker comes up to suck my money? shit man. i had enough of this.

i was contemplating whether to look up and laser him to smitherens with "fuck you, get out of my face. i don't want to buy your stupid cheap car shade. i know you're doing your fucking job but let me eat in fucking peace. set up a stall like all the other people and buy a loud speaker!"

i think back.. that would only make me look bad, not him. the plan would backfire.

fuck, i really wanted to screw him... but i knew better. people are always more compassionate to fucktards like him. make me want to puke. them with their double headed snake mind. i know everyone in the shop wanted to screw this fucker's ass but they just want to act all goody and say, "pity the poor fella". i say KNNBCCB, fuck you all lar MCH.

i continue eating ignoring him. i know he'll get tired of it soon and go away. as do all the other idiots before him.

true enough, his rampage did not last long. it was out in a few seconds. i think 30 to 50 seconds. but still, i was disgusted for that amount of time.

i turned at him with a face of disgust and used my eye to tell him.

"FUCK YOU for making my life miserable."

i know on any other day I would have been more polite but today was just shitty. it seems easier to take it out on any unsuspecting idiot in my path of destruction than to go and bitch slap the idiots who made my life miserable. life sucks, i know. but i guess it's even suckier for him.

i continue eating and the cloud seems to turn blue again.
daily dose
October 17, 2005


KY said…
sounds like u need to buy a punching bag, i have one. :P
Jimmy Ang said…
yaya! want to buy one but dunno wan to put where only.


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