.review of ipod shuffle.

did i mention that i won an ipod shuffle? yeah i did, so i am the 1337 magnifico whatever kindamajiggy you call great people thingy. :)

anyway, i've been utilizing the ipod for quite some time and i'm glad to say that so far... i love it.

first of all, in terms of battery life. i've like only charged it thrice from Merdeka until now. It really supports up to 12 hours of play timea and more than 120 songs if i'm not mistaken. more, if you want to lower the quality. headphones can rarely display such superb amount of hz and bitrate.

usually i set it to half of cd quality which is somewhere 64kb bitrate with 16,000 khz. i think i can't discern the quality difference but i'm not really a music expert. i use my rough ears and they i think listen to everything almost the same.

handling, i'm glad to say that the instructions are clear as blue hell. everything is like written on top! if you don't understand it, go shoot yourself. it scratches but not easily. so far it still looks ok to me. and i've been hanging it on top of my neck for a few days. i love listening to it in classes. thank god my DA lecturer haven't gotten around killing me.

Rarely do i see fingerprints or oily finger marks around the shuffle and these things really irk me off. you should see me rubbing off my hp last time when i just got it. constant rubbing.

it's not exactly fragile but then again, i haven't thrown it to the floor or got a car to run over it. however, i can say that it is very durable for everyday use. i was never particularly careful with it. however the first few days were rather.. urm... fragile.

the earphone delivers good quality sound and it fits my ear perfectly. i don't get the usual irritation that i get from the normal earphones that usually stings your ear after a few hours. once you pop it out of your ear, you're like, that's enough torture for one day. but this one, i love the feel in my ear. comfy.

now, the bad part. i assure you the bad part is minimal compared to the pros.

first of all. the lack of a freaking ficken LCD display. this really really disappoints me. like i said. the ah ma ah chong mp3 player also got. ipod dun have. wan to kena whack lar the people in the development or design department.

the lack of lcd has made it difficult for me to choose songs or to see the remaining battery life. however in a way it is good as it preserves battery life... hmm... now this confuses me. convenience and aesthetic vs battery life... ???

anyway, another regret is ipod nano come out ady. with 2gb and very much cheaper than the mini, it's definitely worth it's price.

in the end, get the ipod nano lar!
October 7, 2005


Anonymous said…
"usually i set it to half of cd quality which is somewhere 64kb bitrate with 16,000 khz."
err near cd quality is 320 bitrate half is not 64. cant believe u listen to music with that kinda quality.
Jimmy Ang said…
then it's 128kb. but i can't hear the difference anyway. you should hear the music quality in my hp... lol!


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