.police raids vcd stalls.

i was cruising along tmn universiti when i noticed this :

it was parked beside a vcd stall. you know, those illegal ones.

at first thought the only thing that came into my mind was what in the blue hell is wrong with these fellas. what's wrong with buying pirated? you think we all can afford original hiar? got so many movies, the ones which are worth it, we go to the cinema lar. the ones so-so wan, we buy here for 5 ringgit lar.

imagine this scenario, on your left you have a good dvd pirated show. costs you 10 bucks. on your right you have the original version, costs 100 bucks. which one you buy?

of course i choose the left one lar. you think i dumb meh?

budden the rich one will choose the right one cause they want to be different, want to be prestigious. want to be ... crazy. i say, you are just stupid lar.

for those righteous Son Of Female Dogs, please spare me the support original faeces. they want me to support, lower their price until it's affordable. for now i stick to ah chong. but i also never go to ah chong vcd ady now. why? cause got streamyx mar. wakakaka!

but hey, i got support the developer and producer and actor and all ok? when i go to cinema i support them lar. and i go quite frequent ok? dun play play!

then after thinking all these bull faeces, my mind suddenly blank...


cause they also buying pirated vcd. damn it!
October 6, 2005


Wingz said…
they r not buying la!!!! they are taking for free!!! u think the stall operator dare to ask them to pay anot ? *sigh*
Jimmy Ang said…
haha! true true!
Anonymous said…
Polis also not rich leh...
They also low pay leh...

They also canot afford Ori leh..

Ori also not nice because of cencorship lor..
Jimmy Ang said…
so true... so true...
haha, maybe tomolo they on holiday, wan to spent time at home! haha
mob1900 said…
poh-lis not rich?
wei... check again the latest story about the poh-lis using a RM180K Toyota MRS for operasi, somor crash the car big-time!


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