.the myth.

i just woke up. it's 3 pm. yesterday i was messing with port forwarding and shits like those. in the end, it still won't work through a router. i need a modem and redirect it directly through that. the router just won't forward all port 80 requests. i think i've tried everything, some messed it up more than the others. well on that day, i guess i'd just have to use a modem to present. god damn it.

anyway, my mate called the girl out yesterday. he was scared and all. this was his first ordeal and his first time watching a movie ... in fucking 22 years. how fucking shitty!

anyway, the girl just HAD to drag another 2 girls along. maybe as their safety net? what's it with girls asking girls out... a bunch of them anyway. can't they just like stick to one fella and be independent. let's just call the girl that my friend like starfruit... i have my reasons and don't ask me why.

the other two, let's just call them extras. since starfruit asked extras together my fucking friend just had to pull me along. i was like fucking god... deal with them yourself. i hardly know these people.

but i went anyway. (i guess you owe me big time "teh" tarik). humbug!

anyway, we went to watch the myth in GSC. i prefer watching movies in mega pavillion since johor GSC here sucks rats ass. no offense. but they're kinda old. however, a good consolation would be they're cheap.

my friend just had to get the side seats. i met other people there. what a coincidence. basically i think i met miaw rong, ah beck and yen rung. (i doubt my spellling is correct but wtf.. they HOPEFULLY don't read here.)

so we went in.. i was seated and taadaa, it immediately fucking starts.

the beginning was ok... at first i mean, it was flashes between the past and present but nothing that will confuse you. i had people in the cinema, especially this irritating bitch beside me who keeps going.. "aiyoo, dream only" or something along the lines. fuck lar. maybe i should stand up and screw her and her fucking boyfriend. maybe even pour some water behind her back like minishorts. haha!

anyway, i don't want to an in depth movie review. i think i can pretty much sum it up in a few words. it's artsy but not artsy enough, the music was good, the places were beautiful, there were some funny scenes and there were some stupid absurd scenes... especially during the ending.. it became kind of like a science fiction fucked up kindamajiggy! fuck jackie chan, his english still sucks. the indian girl was way way much better than him.

there were some parts that i likeincluding the one where he went to dasai...

i almost saw her naked. OMG!

it all boils to this, if you want to watch it, leave your fucking brain outside the cinema and pick it back up after the movie.

oh, and there were a lot of mushy scenes during the end. i was like OMGWTFKNNCCB?

overall: 6/10

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October 1, 2005


Jessie said…
I will be watching it tomolo..


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