.mexican food in chismosa.

well, yeah, after a recommendation by a friend of my friend of my friend and whatever fuck. i went for my first mofo mexican food! it was lewd..... maybe that's a bit too much but it was cool!

yes, i would like to emphasize on the fucking word here ... COOL!

first of all, the location. it is located in the heart of jb, near dataran merdeka with the big papa clock kindamathingy. after a few turns, voila, here i am.

the place is called CHISMOSA. (pardon the dark piccies, it's fucking night time)

quite an exotic spanish latin kinda name if you ask me.

first impression, the place was cool with a good atmosphere. but i prefer the gazebo inside where they have aircondition. outside seems a little mosquity... with the dengue shit going on, i wouldn't want to fuck with them mozzies.

anyway, we sat down and the service was ok. the music was ok. no rap, hip hop kinda thingy. slow sleek music. thank god there weren't no britney or some pop shit. it would have ruined the whole atmosphere.

the place is nice. i gotta give them props for that. looks like i'm eating with jane and tarzan kinda thing but nothing too jungle like. just a few hints here and there. hehe!

anyway, i ordered the nasi goreng nenas (pineapple fried rice).. i know this is kinda oriental maly-ish but hey, guess what? they fucking specialize in that too. the main dish was FAJITAS. some kinda pita bread kindmajiggy with some mayo sauce. well, it sounds good.

alas, my pineapple rice. i love the way it is served in a pineapple.

fajitas. looks to have a freaking lot of onions. MCH, afterwards sure bad breath. wan to "kissing" also hard lar?

my favourite of it all. non alcoholic margarita. costs a whopping 8.80. MCH!

all in all, the food, especially this FAJITAS sucks. the pineapple fried rice is ok and special but everything else i think is just overpriced.

maybe the buritos taste better but wtf, after getting out of there, i think i'm 40 bucks poorer. this place is recommended if you want a one night out with your loved one. but for fuck's sake, don't ever come here for shit like CHEAP GOOD FOOD!

overall : cool place but food is just a bit too fucking pricey!

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October 2, 2005


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