. McD Veggy Burger.

This is a pathetic attempt to review the new McD Veggy burger. First of all, let's introduce when I ate this piece of thing. Let me see, somewhere around the 9 days veggy day. So, being that it was a veggy day, what better way to start it than eating in McD? First of all, I ordered the set one. You know, the one where they try to con you to buy more for less? Yes, I got conned too :)

anyway, the whole set costs me more than 6 bucks but i guess it's ok.
now, why was i attracted to this freaking burger? because it looks bigger than the ultra sucky double cheeseburger.

come out, the damn thing damn small. look like cheebye. I damn tension. i open it up, no mayonnaise. KNNBCCB, my favourite part is mayo... then they no give me a lot of mayonnaise. Somemore no tomato. I later ate at City Square McD got tomato and a lot of mayonnaise wan. Then i think back. CCB, kena tipu ady.

see how big my fingers are compared to the burger?

curry ahoy!

So, I ate one bite. The thing damn kao. Inside got curry curry feeling wan... like pernah taste but dunno from where. and then also got the fries. wah, eating fries on the 9 days veggy thing is like heaven. i so syiok! yahooo!

tempting fries

float bitch!
also got strawberry float. conclusion. i damn like. except they cheat my mayonnaise and my tomato, i no like. i shoot the girl ccb. then the girl say, today got free refill. i say everyday also got lar. she say can refill my float.

float again! hahaha


at last see what i got?

go McD eat the veggy but the thing damn small like char siew pau. don't expect ta pau!

also, i got the momo-chan thingy where they are like selling it for 4 bucks or 3 bucks (forgot...)
October 16, 2005


Anonymous said…
haha guess wat..i know where u live!! lol sent ur housemate back the other day.

i luv mcd! esp fries..aiyah small biasalah..ads are deceiving :P
Jimmy Ang said…
truthfully, this is the scariest message i have ever received. i feel so violated... hehe!

ya lar, hantar angela back right?

now, ssshhh...

n305er said…
Hmm... Mayo is made of egg white. Canot put inside vegetarian food. :P

BTW, Float... Ice cream also not allowed.. -_-
Jimmy Ang said…
then how come the mcd in city square got?

and my veggy is egg veggy. can eat egg wan! :)
Jimmy Ang said…
din... puasa tak leh mencarut lar. KNNBCCB


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