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sundays are shitty. i hate sundays. but the satisfaction from teaching a bunch of kids and a bunch of working adults really makes my life ok again. yeah, well... when you teach children, you get the satisfaction from knowing that they'll grow up... maybe one day to be just like you. besides you can influence their head with whatever crap that you want. albeit i choose it careflly cause they're still too young to think between right or wrong, so sometimes what i say gets permanently rooted in their brain. ah.. the power of moulding future generations right in the palm of my hand. something i shouldn't have but... (evil smirk).

and adults. they are old and working, maybe even richer than i am. they eat more salt than i ever ate rice. but the respect that they pay you because you're their teacher is... overwhelming. i mean, i teach people who are sometimes 40 years old or above. they still call me jimmy but they put a hint of respect when they call me. i guess it's a wonderful feeling knowing that you're sometimes acknowledged by people of greater power, of greater knowledge. but i can't spew my bullshit to them. they'll "goreng" me upside down inside out. really.

however, i'm not blogging today about the satisfaction of controlling the world or the egoistic idiot that i am. i'm talking about my classmates. yes, i have 42 of them. name any adjectives and one of them just might fit into the bill. i mean, lazy, bitchy, busybody, nerdy, hardworking, chubby, crazy.. we have em all. i don't know but i feel that teslians are a varied bunch. maybe it applies to everyone in every class but i wouldn't know that. however, i'm proud of them all. no matter how weird or absurd their attitude is... that is, if they don't step on my tail. if they do... kill them. hehe. kidding.

there is one small thing i don't like about my friends, that is the cruel fact that some of them do not give credit where it is due. or when they ask people to do their work. life is as weird as it is but i really hate the people who employ the help of other people to do their work.

what minishorts said here really clicked...
The other thing is sure this is the kind of girl that uses the guys in her life to do things for her. Like, 'Pretend to be my boyfriend.' Or, like, 'Can I hold your hand to make my boyfriend jealous.' Or, like, 'Help me do this, you know…'
it really irks me off to see how people who are studying for 5 years can use her charm to ask other people to do stuffs for her. i mean, come on, you've been studying in this course for 5 freaking years and you can't do any SIMPLE for god's sake assignment on your own? what are you retarded? things don't get into your brain is it? sheessh. talking about this get me burned up.

have you all ever met girls who try to seduce their way into your arms just to ASK you to do their work? i've never and i'd be damned the day i find one in my life. if she's really worth it as my friend, i'll tell her to her face. if she's not. screw her, she ain't worth my time.

life is all about learning. well, maybe i'm too fast to judge. maybe if i think from her perspective, she IS LEARNING. she's learning how to do her work without busting her arse off. i mean, we gotta admit, it takes a lot of skills to be able to manipulate people to this extent. can you do it?

i just can't think of any POSITIVE adjective to describe her. yes, i'm being more personal now, HER. who the hell cares if she's reading this. LIFE's a BITCH. get over it. SCREW you and your filthy loyal animals who don't even qualify as monkeys CAUSE I THINK THEIR BRAIN IS HIDING INSIDE THEIR BALLS.

wow, that was a lot of angst.

lately, it's not only because of her. i've found out albeit too naturally that some of my friends who are taking the same subject as i am is hiring people or asking people to do their work. not my classmates but ppl from other course. is it ethical? screw ethical, but get this... the lecturer knew about it since it was a rip from their seniors.. she freaking knew about it.

and she said " didn't i saw this before? Nevermind, just make some modifications and pass up ok?"

wow, she should have put it on bold record on top of her freaking forehead,


i mean WTFOMGKNNBCCB. see, i think i'm breaking the laws of veggy days. this thing is getting heated.

there are other groups but she wasn't aware of it. i really applaud those who took the effort to finish their assignment. be proud of them, be it lousy, be it 1%, be it ugly.. but at least revel in the fact that it's yours. IT'S ALL YOURS!

what's the point of getting someone to do your work and pass it up at the end of the day? do you learn? i mean, it's ok if you're doing it once in a while but all the freaking time? what are you? moron? got no brains izzit? everyday go to class do what? pang sai ar? KNNBCCB lar.

bah.. today is supposed to be happy day. mom kena 2nd prize. "chong ma piao". but she bought 1 dollar only. so small small niut niut prize. but happy also. not everyday you "chong ma piao" ok? it's not the amount but the satisfaction. however people always grumble when kena time. WHY I NEVER BUY BIGGER?


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October 9, 2005


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