look what i found.

while browsing through blogs.. i found this!

so out of the blue, this tagging shit comes back to me.
my fucking 5 weird shits. i have a lot but listing all of them would freak out my readers.

so here goes.

1. i like to sleep with my face snuffed into my pillow and my butt facing the sky. i know we can sleep sideways or facing up... but i love snuffing myself.

2. i like to bathe. i used to bathe 7 times in my hometown before i come here. i like to bathe because of the hot water! hot water rocks. i love thinking over my problems in the bathroom too.

3. i absolutely adore biting my pen. i bite everything. crunchy! :)

4. i open my mouth when i concentrate on anything. i mean anything from watching tv to reading a book. maybe it's the bone structure, i don't know.

5. i feel sleepy whenever i start doing my homework. it doesn't matter what time but i will automatically open sleep-mode.

i aint gonna tag anyone. it's really annoying so i don't want to annoy YOU! but if you have no life and feel like doing it, then go the fuck ahead!
October 15, 2005


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