.lecturers are damn crazy.

so today was another typical day. i spent one hour searching for my lecturer. why? she fucking stormed out of the classroom in a fit of rage and anger. i think bubbles and steam were coming out from her nose and ears. to top it all off, there were paparazzis fucking her car from the back.

ok, let me rephrase this in a newspaper report like manner.

JOHOR. A fat lecturer stormed out of the classroom in a fit of anger in order to avoid her students.

In what was classified as 'THE ACT' of 2005 in UTM, a renowned director of a multi million dollar company who works as a lecturer stormed out of her class today in order to avoid a frenzy of paprazzi students chasing after her.

The students were stalking her to submit their assignments and were tailing her car in a speed chase from kilometer 12, UTM until kilometer 20, JUSCO.

According to a student in her class who was a part of the frenzy, "I saw her outside the class walking to her car, I called her and said 'No class ar Dr. XX?'. She gave me a blood curdling look and I looked around me and noticed my classmates at the other end of the building. They were all looking dumbfounded. I knew something was wrong and I backed away"

The students however, did not give up their persistent chase and continued their search for the lecturer until her house. Obviously, the lecturer was smart enough not to go back to her house first. In the end, a riot was held in front of the director's multi million dollar company in a pathetic attempt to beg for forgiveness and avoid failing the class.

According to the personal assistant of the affected lecturer, Kak Uzi "Leave your assignments here and the only thing I can do is put it in her room, the rest is none of my business."

It is hoped that the tension will ease off before next Tuesday which is the next class with the lecturer. People from all over UTM are praying for the safety of these TESLians since chances are looking slim. - jimmy corp.
daily dose
October 14, 2005


Anonymous said…
LOL! Jimmy that's a great piece, really! Inverstigative journalism at its best. And I really like how you aptly described her as the FAT lecturer!
mob1900 said…
like Nenek Fidah,
avoid Parliament, avoid press!
Jimboy, the offer as official MAXIM photographer/writer still stands!
Jimmy Ang said…
jul : shh.....

mob1900 : kam sia! kam sia! (tankiu, tankiu)
akmj said…
OMG jimmy!
don't lah, she had a right to be angry with us mah, we so 'like that'...

but still ur newspaper report is good la, am sure she'll be proud of u (isn't this the 2nd time i'm saying this?)
Jimmy Ang said…
she has a right to be angry. i have a right to write.

Anonymous said…
I was there to witness the traumatic incident first hand. It was definitely the event of the year. What a way to conclude the sem.
Jimmy Ang said…
one of the lucky ones leenmafia?


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